Saturday, January 10, 2009

Machine Quilting Workshop

Today was the big day to conduct my very first workshop. I have to admit I was a bit nervous and even though I had thoroughly and carefully prepared notes, I did not quite follow the order I had intended. In the end I think it all went fairly well.
My "students" (19 in all ) were quite attentive and eager to play with their stitches. Just look at them all concentrating so hard.........hey I thought this was supposed to be fun.

We started by working on bringing up that bobbin thread and perfecting those starts and stops locking the threads, then it was onto some meandering, as confidence began to build so did the desire to try some more adventurous stitching.
I bravely demonstrated a wide variety of stitches in bright red thread. Okay so make a less than perfect feather in matching thread and just maybe it's not all that noticeable but let me tell you, do it using bright red and you are not hiding anything!

I really had hoped to have more pictures to post but I guess I 'll just be happy I managed to get any at all.
Here are some examples of the stitches by some of today's "students"
Looks like they are off to a great start.

As you can clearly see, these quilters had no problem getting creative.

So at day's end I hope everyone went away with a little more confidence in their ability to do this mysterious thing called free motion quilting. In addition to building their skills they also each took home a "Quilts for Kids" quilt to stitch and make ready to be given to a child in foster care.

I enjoyed the day and I hope everyone who participated did as well.

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