Friday, March 6, 2009

A day at the beach

I spent the day in Sarnia and visited my two favourite spots there, the beach and the quilt shop. I took this picture while at the lake. The ice makes some pretty interesting formations as it begins to break and is pushed to shore. Currently it is 17 degrees Celsius so I am sure all that ice won't be around too much longer.

It's still a bit too cool for spending much time at the beach so I was off to Forever Quilting where I picked up a few new pieces.
For the entire month of March, bolts that are marked with a red dot are 35% off. (and there are lots of red dots)

Here are a few I picked up, aren't those red Batiks gorgeous?

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marklipinskisblog said...

I'm with you! The red batiks are fab-o! xoxom

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