Friday, March 20, 2009

Pokey and her staff ROCK!

At the beginning of the year Pokey Bolton, Editor-In-Chief of Quilting Arts Magazine, asked "What is your New Year's resolution"? Readers of the Quilting Arts Blog were invited to post a comment to be entered into the first giveaway of the year.
I am not one who normally makes resolutions but I had decided that this was the year I would get out of my comfort zone and try as many new ideas and techniques as I could and to tell myself everyday "I am an Artist" until one day I believe it...... so that is exactly what I posted.
To my delight, I was one of the 10 chosen (randomly) to receive a package of goodies from Pokey. And just look what was in today's mail! I have never done a collage but this is looking like it might be just the fabulous mix to get me started on one. These pieces, large and small, from heavy weight to sheer as can be, all appear to have been stamped, painted, printed, or discharged with some very unique results. I'll have to give this some consideration, so for now I will simply admire them while I wait for inspiration to strike.
Thank you to Pokey and her ROCK!

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Karen Newman Fridy said...

Very cool stuff!! Can't wait to see what it inspires!

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