Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Print Play and a Postcard

Welcome to my 50th post. Not that it will be all that exciting. Just wanted to show a few more possibilities when making prints using paper backed fusible web. In my last post I mostly used fabric paints but then I thought what about some other simple items.
This postcard is done entirely using coloured Sharpie markers. I drew my letters in reverse, added stripes, dots whatever came to mind and then pressed it onto my fabric. The result is as clean & sharp an image as what I began with. Then I thought what about stamps, crayons, pastels? Take a look at this sample. The pink "feather"was first drawn (outline only) with a Sharpie marker then the area was filled in with crayon, I used a pink and then blended a little yellow in some spots. You do need to be careful and not apply too much pressure as the web can tear fairly easily. The green "feather" is the result of oil pastels and the little flowers are a rubber stamp and ink. Now I don't have a large stash of art supplies and the nearest Art supply store is about a 20 minute drive so I thought you'd like to know that the crayons, ink and oil pastels I used here, all came from the dollar store.
So you don't have to lay out a lot of money to experiment and play with images on fabric.


Linda M. Poole said...

I love this so much!!! You should come join us in our word would fit right in. On my blog it tells all about it.

SewAmy said...

that postcard is just beautiful. love the colors and love Spring.

meggie said...

Lovely spring card. I sometimes use crayons to colour my quilt labels. I make sure I press them with a very hot dry iron, & use greasproof oven paper to cover them. They seem to set nicely, & are quite washable.

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