Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Creative Prompt Doodles

The following doodles/drawings are the result of an exercise I came across on ArtQuiltmaker's blog, where you can read more about it all on the creative prompts page, scroll down toward the bottom and you will see a list of words, by clicking on each word you will find links to others terrific responses to these prompts.
I am just going to show you some of the doodles I have done so far. I have plans to take each of them a step further. I see a wonderful opportunity for art quilts, stamp carving, stenciling, free motion embroidery and creating batiks using resist and dye. I'll post the next stage when I get time to develop my ideas further. I got started a little late so I am first going to show some of the earlier prompts and in a day or so I'll post some of the more recent ones. I hope to eventually get caught up and have something done for each of the weekly prompts.

The one you see above is my response to the word "source" ..............a hand can be the source of many things, two that come to mind are pain and comfort.

At times, I just like to play a bit with lettering so here you see my responses to Beacon and Dream.

Sometimes I have to think a while about what I will draw and at
other times it is immediate as in my response to the word, light
how about "light as a feather"

Some of my responses are pretty self explanatory, like in the case of words such as trees or orange.

While others likely require you to know what I was thinking as I scribbled. In this next case I happened to be enjoying a
gorgeous afternoon at the beach and the thought occurred
to me that I was being rather "bold" wearing a bikini at my age when I absolutely do NOT look like this.

I must admit that I am completely enjoying this exercise in creativity, why not give it a try yourself?


Clare W said...

What a fantastic set of doodles - more like little works of art in themselves. You will enjoy taking them further I bet! xx

ooglebloops said...

I look forward to seeing what you do with these zentangly doodles - they are great!!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love the hand; that has so much possibility! Of course, I am a sucker for hand stamps, images, etc. it's not surprising that I am so drawn to this *doodle*....or very nice drawing!
Great Work!!!

Sherri D said...

You're off to a grand start in catching up! I think it is so amazing how we all draw the same word, SO differently!!! I am really enjoying how it makes my brain wake up and be creative again too. Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

You are very talented. I love the feather one!

Jaye said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your doodles. Thanks for participating and you providing inspiration for others. I really like the hand as well.

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