Sunday, July 19, 2009

A few more doodles

I can't stop the doodling. Jaye at ArtQuiltmaker challenges us each week with a new prompt, read about how it works here. I have to say that I had never tried anything like this before and had no idea that I had this sort of doodling in me. I am finding this to be an absolutely fabulous exercise. Now that I have started I just can't stop.
A friend, fellow guild member and blogger, the Comic Book Lady is challenging herself in a similar fashion, check out this awesome art quilt she came up with and see what she plans to do with it.

Okay ya, I know this is a quilt blog but I assure you many of these doodles will find their way into my quilt projects and I am actually keeping that thought in mind as I put pen to paper. If you are a regular reader you know I am still trying to catch up so instead of posting one at a time, I post several and will continue to do so for a little while yet.

Here are some of my responses to a few of the more recent prompts. The "footprint" you see above is for the word journey.

Here is my answer to........ time
I knew immediately that I wanted to use an hour glass but as I worked I decided to add all sorts of words that might precede time.

The word percolate led to this

................and finally you see my doodle for circle


Clare W said...

such amazing doodles - I'm going to have a go! xx

ooglebloops said...

All wonder-full!! I love percolate!!!

Jaye said...

Your doodles are fabulous. I love Percolate!!! You have to make it into a card so I can buy one ...or a set.

Clare W: I look forward to having you join us!

sallyannequilter said...

You have such a wonderful imagination and talent. Your doodles would make unique notecards.

Sherri D said...

Percolate is my favorite too...perhaps because it is sooooo unique!

comicbooklady said...

Your fans are calling! Notecards!Love the idea! I also see a cool quilt from that circle!

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

wonderful! I can't wait to see what you make them into. yeah- can't just doodle one!:)

Uniquely Yours Creations said...

Loving your doodles! I especially
like the foot!
This kind of doodling reminds me
of zentangle - a sort of meditative
There's a group over at

Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm envious of your doodling. Whenever I try it they don't look anywhere as great as yours do. Clearly you are very artistic and creative. Thanks for sharing...Kathy

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