Thursday, August 6, 2009


Here are my doodles for the current word prompt magic.
I am officially caught up now that I have posted responses to all 25 word prompts to date. I had lots of ideas for magic but stopped with these two, a Magician's hat with magic wand
and of course who should be without a magic carpet?

Jaye has recently set up a flickr group here where you will soon be able to see every one's responses once they all have had time to join and add their photos to the pool.

I don't have any quilting to show at this time.
The quilt for my sister was a priority for me this summer and now that it is completed I am working on designs for several projects that I can not show just yet........besides I hear the beach calling

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Jaye said...

I love the style of your creative prompt responses! the doodling effect is so appealing to me. I have tried it in my journals and sketchbooks and it doesn't come out the way yours and Linda Poole's drawings come out. Thanks for participating and keep up the fabulous work.

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