Sunday, October 11, 2009

From Trash to Art......well sort of

I have had the question asked..........okay, so what do you do with those dryer sheets once you've painted them?
Well, I suppose there are a great many things they could be used for and I am just beginning to experiment with them. If you are into collage work I think these would be fantastic. The dryer sheets have a terrific texture and transparency so I hope to find lots of ways to use them.

Here is my first attempt at thread painting with them.

I cut a leaf shape from one colour, then parts of a leaf from others. next these were layered and just minimal stitching was done to hold it all in place.

I then began thread painting.
Using a small amount of thread allows lots of the dryer sheet to show through. I continued adding more thread because I wanted to see just how much "puckering"I would get with this process.

Even with the use of stabilizer and a hoop the more thread used the more pulling or puckering will happen.....ah but look how it disappears once you have added batting and quilted it. By quilting closely all around the leaf the puckering is eliminated and the leaf itself appears to "float" on the surface.

Add a mat and frame and Viola! you have art.........well sort of


Diane J. Evans said...

What do you mean, "sort of"???? This is GORGEOUS!! I smile each time I look at another one of your creations -- I wish I could sit next to you and listen to your mind work. I love this piece!!!


Quilt Hollow said...

OMG...are you kidding...this single leave is AMAZING!!! Recycling at it's BEST!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Incredible! I wish I could use the things; I wonder if they are made unscented, because I sure like the leaves, even before the beautiful thread painting!
It certainly got my brain going....


Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...


Sharon said...

This is stunning! And your quilting is amazing too! Wow. Seriously.

Sherri D said...

hmmmmm, I might have to try this too! I have some heavy duty 3-D applique pieces to put on that Unicorn quilt...this might be just the thing to try for this last step!!!

Debra said...

Everything you touch is super!

Mary-Kay said...

Very Nice! It looks great. I never thought of doing that with a dryer sheet. I've added them to landscape prints, Michele Dobrin style, but that's about it. Now you've given me some new ideas.

cozy quilter said...

Just beautiful, as usual. You have such neat ideas! Please continue to share!

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