Monday, October 19, 2009

New Toy, a Doodle & a Magazine photo

While attending the Creative Festival in Toronto, on Friday, I picked up a few new gadgets to try. One item was this Magic Heat tool I purchased at the Jenny Haskins booth. It has multiple uses but I bought it primarily for use in cutting stencils. I tried it yesterday and it works wonderfully. I drew a few leaf shapes onto a piece of Mylar, just traced the lines with the heated tool and there it is ........ my first stencil.

I used dye sticks to stencil the leaves then added a little thread painting to create this postcard.

I picked up a number of items I have been wanting to try. I'll show some of them over the next little while.

I also picked up the summer issue of A Needle Pulling Thread magazine which has photos of 2 of my cool is that?

If you are a regular visitor, you know I like to participate in the Creative Prompt Project. This week's word prompt was/is a tough one, word prompt # 37 is Gracious. I think of graciousness as a quality and could not really think of how to portray that on paper so I cheated ever so slightly and went with this graceful swan.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I have one of those heat tools (somewhere! I think I moved it to the wet studio...) and used the old template plastic but had a mess. Will have to try it with Mylar as that would work for mixed media too.....
Lovely leaves!


P.S. Congrats on the postcards in the mag!

Quilt Hollow said...

Congrats on the postcards in the magazine! Also this one you just WHIPPED up...wonderful! I love visiting your so gifted!

Zlaty said...

Very nifty gadget!

Enjoy it!

Your card looks pretty! Perfect for fall!


Diane J. Evans said...

Well, first of all, congratulations on having your postcards published -- how cool and how deserving! Next, you absolutely have the touch when it comes to using dye sticks -- the shading on those leaves is wonderful! Please share the brand name of the sticks when you get the chance.

You always give me so much inspiration that I don't know where to begin first!


Clare Wassermann said...

great idea. I have soldering iron like that. I wonder if you could cut acetate sheet with it for stencils? I had to look up what Mylar was!

Jaye said...

Very nice job on a difficult prompt!

Jackie said...

i was at the festival too, wish i had known about the heat gun, would have loved that. Then we hit queen street after and spent all our money!

comicbooklady said...

Cool! Bring that magazine to Guild so I can read it! you rock!

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