Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Applique and This weeks Doodle

As I have already pointed out, I am completely hooked on hand applique. This week, I wanted to see if I could create a design/pattern from an original drawing I did. This is based on an image from an old hockey card. The block is really a tribute to a group of guys who range in age from mid 50's into their 80's who hit the ice 3 times a week playing full 90 minute about dedication. Notice the white hair?
Back when these guys began playing the game as kids they did not wear helmets and did not have the fancy, flashy equipment our athletes now use. You just gotta know that these guys will all be cheering on Canada as they go for Olympic Gold later today.
I have to say that I am fairly pleased with how this came together.........I learn new things with each project I tackle.
The striped effect on the socks and jersey was created using red SetaColour paint on white cotton. The face detail was drawn with pigma pens and colour pencil. Dimension was added to the hair by thread painting with white and pale grey thread. Some simple embroidery takes care of details like skate laces and blades.

This weeks CPP word is many choices. Well lets see, in the block you will find a pair of gloves, eyes, socks, skates, pants, get the idea.
But this doodle is of my favourite pair of thread snips. I have probably used these nearly everyday since they were purchased in 1974. I have bought other pairs over the years ...but you know, the old saying "They just don't make em like they used too." is so very true.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is soooo cool! I'm glad DH has not seen it or I know what would be in my future.
Looks like Gordie Howe, and yes, we have books and books of the old hockey cards!
Love the clipper drawing!
You rock!


P.S. Sorry I've been scarce--back in P.T. and then the Olympics. All I can say is GO CANADA!!!

Melissa said...

What a great little quilt!

Bunny said...

Oh my all I can say is WOW I would love to do a similar one of my grandson. Only thing is I am not artist. Yes Go Canada Go hope our hearts can take the excitement. LOL

Karen S said...

We love hockey down here too -- we'll be watching...

I have a pair of those old snips too -- they belonged to my mother-in-law, so they're likely older than yours -- love them.

Rian said...

Great quilt! And so appropriate since the Olympic hockey game is going on RIGHT NOW!

Diane J. Evans said...

Congratulations to Canada on winning hockey gold! (I must admit that I was rooting for the other team, though . . .). When this block is finished, you should send it out to be shown in public -- it's a terrific tribute to the team! A beautiful job, as always, Jill.


sewnut said...

What a perfect applique project for this week.
It is a great piece. Take warning, Applique is addictive.

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

Congrats! to you for mastering applique so beautifully and quickly - to Canada for the Gold! and the doodle is perfect, but I am partial to the 'other' pair of scissors you doodled ;)

Jaye said...

Fabulous! I love your 'pair'!

Zoey said...

Wow, that turned out great! The background fabric is perfect, too.

Sherri said...

I mentioned you in my blog today, while updating the CPP. I love your snips. You could sell them as decorative snips if you could transfer that design on real life ones!

Kim said...

That hockey player is fantastic!
how did you do the laces?

great job :0)

Happy sewing

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