Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just a few more tests

My last post garnered some interesting comments and suggestions about using those FriXion pens, Some of them led me to want to do a couple more tests. This time I drew a pair of marks side by side on fabric which I then cut in two. One would have the marks removed with heat (I used a hair dryer) and the other had the marks removed by washing only.
I discovered something very interesting I wanted to show you, this was difficult to capture with the camera but when looking at the fabric that had the markings removed with heat.......the markings "appear"to be totally gone BUT if you hold the fabric at just the right angle in just the right light, look what you can see, it is almost a "ghost" image of those markings. Click on either of these images to get a good, close up look....see how the markings now appear to have been drawn with a white pen?

I tried this again, but first actually stitched out the design, then rinsed/washed. While I can see some of the ink lines very, VERY faintly, the no heat and washing method seems to give the best result.
These pens write extremely well on fabric, the ink flows easily, but I think that I will only use them for perhaps marking applique placements or something where the markings will be covered by other fabrics, I don't think I'll be using them to mark my quilt tops.

Be sure to check back later in the week, you'll want to get the details about a giveaway I will soon be hosting.


GailM. said...

Great research. It's good to know. I love those FriXion pens. I tested for the day to day work that I do and I just posted about a baby quilt that I did. These pens have opened up a whole new category of things that I can do.

Karen S said...

I DID notice the whitish marks after I ironed. I think it's interesting that it washed out best when it wasn't "heat set" -- I wonder if it makes a difference whether a hair dryer or hot iron is used.

I've been using them for my latest appliqué project because they write so nicely on the lighter fabrics, although I'm still using chalk for the dark fabrics. I have been more careful lately to turn under that mark on the edge so it's less likely to show in case it doesn't wash out. I like to press as soon as I'm finished stitching, but maybe I'll wait and give it a rinse first.

Amy said...

I was curious. Did you wash in warm or cold water?

Joan said...

Thanks again Jill - great research!

Cathi said...

This is great research - thank you for sharing.
I wonder if these pens would be useful for tracing stitchery designs on to fabric as the remaining trace of the ink would be hidden by the embroidery floss.

connie said...

Thank you for sharing Jill, I have yet to find the perfect marking instrument!!! I want to try this pen though, with caution. :-) Love the new header on your blog!

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