Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Undoubtedly, you will have heard about the growing trend of Adult colouring books.....recently, I was directed to a Facebook post where members of a newly formed colouring club were discussing where one could find some free downloadable coluring pages. (from what I saw they had already purchased a number of books ....perhaps they were just looking for even more variety).

So......I thought.....why not post one here. I often play with doodling in a more abstract form, sometimes some interesting designs appear.

like this one

if you would like to grab it and my can get the downloadable, printable file (PDF) here.

Be sure you are printing with "non-running"ink if you want to use anything other than dry media.
Images printed on my ink jet printer will smear if I use a marker....but printers that use toner seem to be fine. If you really want to lay on a lot of colour, try printing on an art paper or cardstock.

I would love some comments on this.....will you download this file and colour?  would you like to see more like this one?  Enjoy   :-)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Garden Art

Have you seen this idea?.....making garden art from glass ware? when I did..... I just knew I had to make a few.
There are lots of tutorials all over the web.  I will give you a sort of "photo" tutorial....but Google it, and you will find lots and lots of variations

 gather some glass ware.......pretty colours and shapes especially...clean it thoroughly

play with different combinations till you find something appealing

you will need glue and some sort of rods (stems)

This glue, recommended on other tutorials, the rods - plastic coated, metal plant stakes from the Dollar store

Follow the package directions for the gluing process

you need something mounted to the back of the flower that you can insert your "stem" into.....for each one, I used an old hockey puck and drilled a hole to accommodate the rod pucks are nice and flat and have lots of surface area for excellent adhesion......(but again, Google it and you will find many different ways to "mount" the flowers)

After the flowers were assembled and left to "cure", using the same glue, I attached the drilled hockey puck to the back and then left that to fully dry (cure)  Making these is not difficult but it does require patience waiting for everything to set up.

Last step is to insert the rod into the hole of the puck and pick a spot to plant your flower

I used coloured glass marbles for the ring of colour here


great for pots as well

Thursday, June 25, 2015


A few months ago, I had the opportunity to contribute to an International publication.  Coloriage and Doodling #2  (Spring/Summer) contains a wide variety of coloring and doodling exercises and activities. Available in French speaking regions.....France, Belgium, DOM, Luxembourg, Portugal, French speaking Canada and online here.
I submitted 2 designs.......I am always so delighted to see my work in print.
Below, is a shot of the front Cover and contents page (small versions of my images also appear there on the bottom left of the contents page)

and a peak at "my" pages

Friday, June 19, 2015

Last days of Spring

I had intended to share this applique design this spring,....but I seem to be a little late....well actually, since Summer does not officially arrive until Sunday..... I am not late after all.

This block was designed as part of short article I wrote for CQA in early 2012,
In this article, I talk about auditioning fabrics and how to use interesting prints to your advantage.  The pattern is an applique block that can, of course, be done in whatever method you prefer. Mine is hand appliqued.

Perhaps you are looking for a project to work on while enjoying some lovely days on the deck.
You can view, download and print the file here
If you print the design at actual size, it will work nicely for an 8 inch block......if you would like it to fit a 12" block, you will need to enlarge it roughly 140%

A tutorial of my favourite method for freezer paper applique (including how I do those tiny 1/8" stems) can be found here

Monday, June 8, 2015


It seems we have a bumper crop this year....they are everywhere. Guess the squirrels won't go hungry.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Coming soon

For quite some time, I have been toying with the idea of opening an Etsy shop. I think this is the year I will actually do it. While I have not yet anything to list, ( I am working on it )
So far, I have registered my shop name and created my banner.
Banner size restrictions meant I would need to work in a long narrow format.......I began drawing this mix of floral pattern

played and tweaked until I ended up with this

not sure when I will be ready to "open", but I have finally begun the process.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Not much happening in the sewing room these days.....working in the garden and drawing.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blooming right on cue

The trilliums are in full bloom....One of my garden favourites.....given to me many years ago on Mothers day.

Enjoy YOUR Mothers Day!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Recently, I was contacted by Paige Zeigler,  Managing Editor of  CREATIV Magazine, Paige offered to send me a copy of their upcoming issue (she actually sent me issues for April and May)

Let me tell you....this is one slick publication.....CREATIV  is a magazine like nothing I have come across before

When I first picked up the magazine, I was immediately struck by it's tangible quality, CREATIV is substantial and impressive, in content, appearance, size and feel.

Each gorgeous page is filled with stories about all types of inspiring, creative minds ....musicians, artists, photographers, innovators, modern day explorers, inventors, and people dedicated to making a difference in lives throughout the world.
The brief text is succinct, providing just enough to leave the reader craving even more ....which we are invited to explore further online. Each story is accompanied by stunning photos printed on high quality, glossy paper..... bringing print and social media together ...a captivating combination.....a perfect match  for our connected world

here is a quick peek at a couple of pages

Check it out for yourself..... CREATIV Magazine is available by subscription as well as at Barnes & Noble stores & other retailers .....learn more  at


Monday, April 27, 2015

Stash Busting

I have not really been doing a lot of textile work lately and don't plan to enter any competitions. I decided I need to do a little stash busting, so I have a fun, colourfull bed quilt on the go.

Now, I must tell you I do not have what most quilters call a "stash". I rarely buy yardage, I buy almost exclusively fat quarters...usually just ones I see that I am drawn too. I don't buy with specific projects in mind. So my stash is limited to small amounts of each print/colour.....this is how I store my small dresser...3 drawers.  I am on a mission to use some of these up.

I am working on a modified version of a quilt contained in Kim Schaefer's book Flower Festival. The piece I choose should work extremely well for the sorts of fabrics I have and will definitely eat into those drawers. These blocks are not pieced, they are appliqued which means I will also be putting a dent in my stabilizer, fusible and thread supply.

The one pictured in the book is only a lap size, I wanted something closer to an oversized Queen,
so I scanned the image from the book...printed a couple of them in greyscale...cut those blocks up and made my own arrangement...this just may, will change again before I am done, but it gives me a good sense of where I am headed.

I love these wonky flowers, but they can be fussy to place. Even though they are wonky...I still want them all placed in the same position. So I created a template using clear plastic. I can lay the flower in the correct it on the block and by laying the template on top, I can immediately see if it requires adjustment.

Good thing, cause there are lots and lots of them. oh....and since I am machine appliqueing these, I am gonna be a while    :-)

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