Saturday, October 16, 2021

Just a note

This blog is not really being maintained any longer, I find that I don't really document my process as I used to and don't have a whole lot to post. Blogger has changed a few things and as a result you may come across some links here that no longer work. It happens mostly with older post containing links to patterns and or templates. I apologize in advance for the missing items but hope you still find the blog useful and inspiring.

of course, I cant put up a post and not have any eye candy, here is a look at my most recently completed watercolour painting.

also note that I still have comments disabled due to the amount of spam that comes though.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Painting Progress

I have to admit that I have been terribly lazy at documenting much of my creative endeavors lately and have ignored this spot quite badly but I am not all that sure that people are really bothering much with blogs these days. 

I do sort of feel like I should update it now and then though, so today, I will just share the last few watercolour painting lessons I have completed.

In this image of the painting of a Hydrangea cluster I have included a list of the paints used, its kind of surprising to see how many different colours go into creating a seemingly simple colour palette.

Then there are these yellow Tulips. I love yellow Tulips and am quite pleased with how they turned out.

My most recent finish is this Bowl of Peonies, this required a complex drawing to begin with and a lot of concentration. 

 I am currently enrolled as a student in Anna Mason's School of Art. All of these paintings are tutorials offered on the site. Most are step by step, but the Hydrangea is a "Pro" level where you are given instruction on how to handle a small bit and then you are off on your own to work the you really need to rely on what you learn with each tutorial you have completed. If you are unfamiliar with Anna's work you really should treat yourself to a look at her portfolio......her work is absolutely incredible.


I finally got around to adding mats to some of these paintings. They look so much better "dressed up"


*note ......I have currently disabled the ability to comment on posts as I receive far too many "spam-y" comments with suspicious links and have grown tired of dealing with them. 

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