Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Still playing with the moth design, feeling that it was too "busy", a few changes have been made. I am liking this one much better. It now has more places for the eye to rest, as well as nice open spaces that would allow for some fun quilting

Friday, July 25, 2014


"Inspiration" just happens. My most recent post showed a lovely piece of vintage linen that inspired me to pick up a pencil and begin a new design.  As the week progressed, I drew, doodled, erased & drew some more, here is a look at the resulting design

In addition to drawing, I did mange to get to the machine as well. I created this greeting card using a small piece of the fabric I sunprinted this summer

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vintage Linen

When I spotted this piece of vintage linen at a yard sale yesterday, I just HAD to have it! (the moth is large.....it's wing span is 19.5 inches)

perhaps this was a dresser scarf?

Upon seeing it, I was immediately reminded of this doodle I drew a few years ago

After making my purchase, I sat in the car, grabbed my tools and the early beginnings of a whole cloth design started to emerge......here is the rough idea, it will be revised many times before I am through

Don't exactly know where this will lead, but I am inspired to play!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Lazy Summer

I can't believe I have let a month go by without posting.....even though I have engaged in creative endeavours, it would appear that I have become quite lax about documenting and photographing much of it. Below are a few things I have been up to.

Did you know that it is possible to "felt" stones?  I came across some felted stones while visiting a small gallery and was immediately fascinated. They look so soft but then you pick them up and are surprised by the weight. I knew I had to dig out my wool roving and give it a try.  A quick check on the Internet led to all sorts of tutorials. These were fun to do, and of course, I was compelled to add a few stitches as well. 

A friend asked if I would consider painting a milk can. I said sure, why not.....well.... painting a big rounded metal object was certainly an interesting challenge. My first (and likely last) attempt  LOL!

The can arrived a little dented but a brilliant red colour
The owner is quite happy with the end result

And what would a lovely, bright, sunshiny summer be without a bit of sun-printing. I used lots of tiny pins to hold the fern leaves down, which helped with getting fairly clear images

leaves on top of paint soaked cotton.....just add SUNSHINE!

The resulting print

Copyright Jill Buckley