Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fun find

Recently, I came across these short videos where someone can be seen  demonstrating a couple of  "lessons" from my pages in the book The Art of Fashion Tangling 40 prompts,patterns & projects for fashion forward tangling artists and doodlers. I absolutely LOVE watching her as she creates her own versions.

The whole idea behind creating doodle patterns using the alphabet is to show that if you begin with something you are already familiar and comfortable with, (forming letters) you can quickly see that anyone can enjoy experimenting with line and shape.

My "section" in this book covers pages 82 thru 103 where in addition to easy to follow step by step instructions and tips, you will find finished drawings as inspiration along with templates for use in creating your own versions. There is the Corset and Dress-form you see below as well as a variety of Hats, Shoes, Boots and Handbags to play with.  (and that is just my chapter, remember, there are 6 other artists who have made fabulous and unique contributions to this book)

Copyright Jill Buckley