Friday, August 23, 2013

Wool and Cotton

In a post a couple of months ago, I showed some quilting I was doing using wool batt.

2 looks in one......this is the back view

What I did not share, was that this was part of a project I was doing while preparing an article for the Canadian Quilter.   It is a quarterly publication, this is the 9th article/design that I have created in my role as Artist in Residence for the Canadian Quilters' Association

In the Autumn issue, which is now out, I provide directions for working with cotton and wool to create a cushion that could be made from leftovers to co-ordinate with a quilt

It started with charm squares


I cut lots of circles from wool and stitched a variety of  "pennies" that could be added to the cotton.

Pretty simple, easy and fun way to use charm squares and leftover bits.

this is the front view

I am currently preparing the article for the Winter issue........summer is going by far, FAR too quickly

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Failure or Creative Opportunity?

Sometimes a sun-print just doesn't take very well. In this case, the day went from brilliant sun and clear blue sky to completely cloudy, very quickly.  I had been using some small metal charms to see just how intricate a print I could get, when of course, there was a sudden change in weather. The fabric was almost dry and I did get a "decent" image but not as clear as I am sure it could have been had the clouds not rolled in. But....wait....maybe I could "enhance" them.

These photos show the images left by the sun

and this is how they looked with a bit of help from my Sharpie marker

Monday, August 5, 2013

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