Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making a Cling-On

I had picked up a few unmounted rubber stamps recently and wanted to make them usable with my clear acrylic blocks, but a rubber stamp doesn't stick to them the way the "cling mount" types do. Instead of going out to purchase a special product made for this purpose, I thought I'd see what I had on hand to do the job.
I dug out this roll of window film and some double sided tape.I applied the tape to the back of the stamp, laid a piece of the window film, non-sticky side down and pressed it firmly in place.
I then trimmed the film very close to the edge of the stamp and removed the backing paper. It can now be used with an acrylic block, removed and repositioned over and over.Here is a piece of fabric I went a little stamp crazy on.
I rinsed the stamp clean, left it to dry and found that it did retain it's "stickiness"
A piece of that same window film serves as a sheet to store my stamps on as well. This will make them easy to store and organize. (actually a plain piece of clear vinyl also works really well to store them on )

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lots of Pieces

I started a bed quilt a little while back but then it just sorta got left sitting on the shelf. Projects sitting unfinished drive me crazy (not a long drive mind you) so I thought I'd spend some time getting back at this one. The center is complete and I am now deciding how I want the borders, I think I want to make this roughly King size..........I am quickly discovering that is a lot of 6" blocks.
And look what just arrived in today's mail..........these are fat quarters I won thanks to an online quilt show/contest that happens weekly at the Quilting Gallery. Every week there is a different theme, it is super easy to enter. You simply upload a photo along with a description of your piece, viewers come to the show on Friday through Sunday to choose their favourites, the quilts with the most votes wins a prize donated by generous sponsors. Even if you don't want to enter it is always fun to see the wonderful quilts.
These fabulous fat quarters came from Cheryl at On The Grain Fabrics, thanks so much Cheryl, these will work themselves nicely into the quilt above. (btw, Cheryl is the sponsor again this week)
Copyright Jill Buckley