Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Making a "Slab" block

In an earlier post, I talked about having had the privilege of designing a "Bee" for The Canadian Quilter's Association to use in promoting The Big Quilt Bee ( an initiative with a goal of creating 1,000 quilts for kids at Ronald MacDonald Houses across Canada)

The quilts will be made up of slab blocks.....having never made one myself, I thought I should give it a go.  oh my.....they are quick and fun to do....and yes...perhaps even a little addictive as well.

I decided to document the process of one of them and create a short video showing just how quick, fun and easy these block are to it is a great way to use up bits and pieces in your stash!

 Learn more, join in and become a part of The Big Quilt Bee here

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New additions to my TSM collection

I have added 2 more little machines to my Toy Sewing Machine Collection. The one in the back may look like a Singer....but it is actually a "Peter Pan".
The one in front is a mystery, it has no markings at all and so far I have been unable to find any machine with that same decoration

I just now noticed that all of my "galleries" ( those buttons in my side bar.....all my Quilts, Doodles, TSM, and papercuts are gone!!!!)  aaaack! guess I have to go try to find out where they all went

Edit:  Okay, so I guess Picasa is no more :-(  
I have found the location my photos now reside and have fixed the links clicking on those buttons on my side bar, you should be taken to those galleries once again. 

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