Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back to Basics

I finished my colour mixing is quite intriguing to watch how the colours blend and transform.  In creating this chart, I mixed only 2 colours at a time. Every colour on my palette is represented here, I can easily see how each reacts when mixed with each and every other one on my current pallet.

I now have a reference that will help me tremendously the next time I paint.  I can quickly see what colour "blend" will help get me headed in the right direction.

When I sketch, I often work from my photos, but yesterday was a lovely day to sit outside and work from real life. My white Trillium are at the "turning pink" stage, with the edges becoming very ruffled.  I plucked a bloom and began sketching.
Something I have a bad habit of doing, is sketching very then becomes rather difficult to  capture details.

 I tried again, this time with my one and only red Trillium,

working toward making much better use of the page

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Learning by Doing

I am a hands on kind of person, definitely the "learn by doing" sort.  I find this to be the best learning method for me personally. It allows me to experiment, explore and discover for myself what works, and what doesn't. I like to dive right in.
I decided to try a doing a self portrait and while it is not quite right, I DID learn several things that I will be able to use in future projects

When I began quilting, I came to it with a good skill set (as a dressmaker/designer, my sewing skills and eye for detail were well honed) but as for my newest interest?......well I think that I may need to spend some time learning a few basics.
I thought it might be a good idea to create a colour mixing chart....not only to help with learning colour mixing, but also to know what  can be achieved with the actual colours I have on my palette.  I can find lots of info on colour mixing but I need to know how the supplies I have on hand will perform.

By creating the chart, I can get a feel for mixing colours and will then have a great reference as I move forward.

btw.....I have decided that I will not start a new/different blog, I will continue to keep it all here, I simply made a slight change to my banner, thanks everyone for your input  :-)

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