Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back to Basics

I finished my colour mixing is quite intriguing to watch how the colours blend and transform.  In creating this chart, I mixed only 2 colours at a time. Every colour on my palette is represented here, I can easily see how each reacts when mixed with each and every other one on my current pallet.

I now have a reference that will help me tremendously the next time I paint.  I can quickly see what colour "blend" will help get me headed in the right direction.

When I sketch, I often work from my photos, but yesterday was a lovely day to sit outside and work from real life. My white Trillium are at the "turning pink" stage, with the edges becoming very ruffled.  I plucked a bloom and began sketching.
Something I have a bad habit of doing, is sketching very then becomes rather difficult to  capture details.

 I tried again, this time with my one and only red Trillium,

working toward making much better use of the page


marsha said...

wow-you have way more patience than me to be able to do that chart..
but it will be very useful!

Createology said...

Your color chart is a work of art all of its own. I love how you have layed it out. I am amazed to see people draw. Your Trilium looks very realistic. Enjoy your new journey. Creative Bliss...

Glenda said...

I know just what you mean about working too small. Oh goodness, that is so true. Think about how big full sheets of water color paper are. My first attempts were all in the 5 by 7 inch size. Your sketches are wonderful.

Diane J. Evans said...

Fabulous! Now come the questions: What brand of watercolors are you using? Are they tube or pan?

I, too, have a habit of working too small. The wonderful Jane Sassaman worked with me to change that habit -- she encourages you to think LARGE and use only a few motifs, rather than working too small and needing many motifs.

Can't wait to see this in color!


Jo Ferguson said...

I can only imagine the amount of time you spent working on your colour chart. It's not only beautiful, it's very useful. Your sketch of the Trillium really captures the delicate wave in the petals. It's lovely.

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