Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Undoubtedly, you will have heard about the growing trend of Adult colouring books.....recently, I was directed to a Facebook post where members of a newly formed colouring club were discussing where one could find some free downloadable coluring pages. (from what I saw they had already purchased a number of books ....perhaps they were just looking for even more variety).

So......I thought.....why not post one here. I often play with doodling in a more abstract form, sometimes some interesting designs appear.

like this one

if you would like to grab it and my can get the downloadable, printable file (PDF) here.

Be sure you are printing with "non-running"ink if you want to use anything other than dry media.
Images printed on my ink jet printer will smear if I use a marker....but printers that use toner seem to be fine. If you really want to lay on a lot of colour, try printing on an art paper or cardstock.

I would love some comments on this.....will you download this file and colour?  would you like to see more like this one?  Enjoy   :-)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Garden Art

Have you seen this idea?.....making garden art from glass ware? when I did..... I just knew I had to make a few.
There are lots of tutorials all over the web.  I will give you a sort of "photo" tutorial....but Google it, and you will find lots and lots of variations

 gather some glass ware.......pretty colours and shapes especially...clean it thoroughly

play with different combinations till you find something appealing

you will need glue and some sort of rods (stems)

This glue, recommended on other tutorials, the rods - plastic coated, metal plant stakes from the Dollar store

Follow the package directions for the gluing process

you need something mounted to the back of the flower that you can insert your "stem" into.....for each one, I used an old hockey puck and drilled a hole to accommodate the rod pucks are nice and flat and have lots of surface area for excellent adhesion......(but again, Google it and you will find many different ways to "mount" the flowers)

After the flowers were assembled and left to "cure", using the same glue, I attached the drilled hockey puck to the back and then left that to fully dry (cure)  Making these is not difficult but it does require patience waiting for everything to set up.

Last step is to insert the rod into the hole of the puck and pick a spot to plant your flower

I used coloured glass marbles for the ring of colour here


great for pots as well

Copyright Jill Buckley