Monday, February 22, 2016

Designing....Doodled Hexagons

I have not made much progress lately in the actual painting and stitching of my "doodled" hexagons, but, I have been working to design and sort of plan out this project.
I say..........sort of plan.... because I don't really know where I am going with this, just that I am intrigued with the process and want to see where it might lead.
At this point I am trying to decide exactly what colour palette I will want to play, for now, I am creating, organizing and preparing designs that I plan to Hex.... in ink, paint and cloth.

I thought you might like to see how I go about is fairly simple really.....I doodle and sketch on small templates I created for myself

I place mirrors to "see" what designs emerge

when something usable appears.....I clean it up and refine it

I also play on my computer to get a good visual of the final design. One of each (different) hexagon piece is carefully redrawn on paper that is cut to actual size...these then become the templates that I will use for the eventual trace onto cotton process

To keep it all organized, each "set" is being kept in a small zip-lock bag, stapled to the sheet containing its corresponding design.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Another iPad Doodle

I am really, REALLY enjoying using this technology for doodling.

It is a fantastic fit for the way I like to draw.....(and change my mind, erase, and draw again) over and over.  I don't plan to take photos along the way with every drawing, but I thought this might be a good addition to my tutorials page. To better create a "visual" of the way I develop each of my doodles for those who come here seeking that info. 
Whether I draw digitally, or use plain old paper and pen, my process is the same. I draw the basic outline of my subject matter, break the drawing into smaller shapes and simply fill them in with pattern.
For this fish, creating smaller areas within the tail and fins, placing arced lines to better define the shape of the body and head gave me lots of opportunity to place many different patterns.
Some patterns make sense (note the "scales") most do not...polka dots, checks and stripes for instance....but they all work wonderfully together to create a fun drawing

here you see the beginning outline paired with the end result

and here is a look at all the steps to get there

and finally.....a quick video so you can "watch" it come to life

Friday, February 5, 2016

Paperless Drawing

Doodling without paper and pen?........I suppose it was bound to happen. A few weeks ago I was given an iPad mini2 and have since been playing with it to see if it could be used to doodle with reasonable results.  WELL....I am loving it.....truth be told I just might be a little obsessed with this.

I downloaded and tested a few apps....but...once I began exploring the app, Concepts by the folks at Tophatch......I could tell pretty quickly that I was going to really like what it had too offer and wasted no time purchasing the full app. It is perfect for my needs (wants)....actually, it does way more than I need or will likely ever use.  I also ordered a particular stylus called Pencil by Paper 53
At this point, I am not doing a review about these products...just telling you what I am using.

I may never doodle on paper again.....These were created completely on my little iPad

and so was this one.

A great thing about drawing directly onto the screen is that I could simply take screen shots every so often allowing me to later 'go back" and watch as the doodle developed.....I used those images to create a short video

Joining in over at Nina Marie's Off the Wall Fridays......lots of inspiration to be found over there

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