Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Inspired to 3D

This past weekend, I caught a whimsical, Robot themed art exhibit that inspired me to try something a little different.
This local Artist, Eric Cator, had some fabulous pieces on display, but what most caught my eye, were his layered pen & ink drawings.  (links to just a few of his fantastic black and white "Robot" drawings here and here and here)

I decided to see if I could achieve that layered technique using my own drawing. Below, is my finished "test" piece, I learned a LOT by doing this....and what I learned..... was mostly what not to do   :-)

I drew various parts of  the scene on 4 different pieces of plain white 8.5" x 11" card-stock and carefully cut away backgrounds  (I laid them on black paper just so these would "show" up in the photos)

using strips of foam core, and double sided tape, I began "stacking" the layers

It was kinda tough to get a photograph that really shows the depth

now, I need to go purchase a shadowbox frame so I can try it again and make a proper one.

Copyright Jill Buckley