Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dryer Sheet Applique

Well here is what has become of those paper pieced New York Beauties.

I thought they looked like a spiked flower so I turned them into an applique project. I have never really done hand applique and am signing up for a workshop this month but thought I'd try my own version first. As the title of this post suggests, I used dryer sheets to make the whole process quite easy.
First I layered my partial NYB block right side up with a dryer sheet on top.

After stitching around the outer edge, make a slit in the dryer sheet, trim, clip and turn

Then it was onto the tricky stems......well, not so tricky after all. I pressed the freezer paper shape to the right side of my fabric, again layered with a piece of dryer sheet. After stitching and trimming they were a snap to turn because I stitched across the paper at the narrow end and by gently pulling the paper it turned quite easily.

The leaves were done in the same manner as the "flowers" The vine is simply a bias cut strip that has been stitched folded and pressed.

Makes me think SPRING!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Prompt #51

This week's prompt word is Hand. Back at #12, I doodled this hand, it is still one of my favourites so here it is again.

But I thought I should have something new to show for this prompt, so here is a look at my hand quilting.
I purchased one of those pre-printed panels a couple of years ago to learn to, and practice hand quilting. It is about 16"square and I did manage to get roughly 9 - 10 stitches per inch. Want to examine it closer? click on the photo.
Unfortunately I did this before I learned that batik is not the best fabric to use as a backing for this type of quilting.
I really enjoy the process though and hope to one day develop my own design to stitch.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Prompting Paper Piecing

This week's prompt is a little different, instead of a word, Jaye has asked us to post about something we have seen and been inspired by.
I have been inspired by Kathy of Kathy's Quilts who did a piece called the Internal Sun.
I absolutely love this piece and it has inspired me to try some paper piecing myself.

I decided to work on a New York Beauty block. First, for prompt #50, I did this black and white block instead of my usual doodle.

Tendinitis makes it very difficult for me to remove the paper from the back so I thought I'd see if I could find something to use that did not have to be removed. I used a product called "trace a pattern" that is sold at Fabricland stores. It is inexpensive, easy to see through, is lightweight and soft enough to be left in a quilt.

I cut the point sections out of a paper version so that I could audition the fabrics I thought I would use

You will just have to wait for my next post to see what these are going to become.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Recently, I wanted to send a Birthday card off to a creative friend and thought why not do a postcard with some of my "Inchies"
I began by choosing a beautiful fabric, practiced a free motion stitch and added a few favourite inchies.............I just hope I got it into the mail on time.

What do you do with greeting cards you receive? it possible to keep them all? I decided that I will start to"re-purpose" some.
This year, I received a Christmas card with 9 of these cute little snowmen on it. I simply cut them out, placed them on a wintry looking fabric and covered it with a layer of tulle. I first stitched closely around all of the snowmen and then did some simple stitching. Added a couple of silver snowflakes and I have a card ready for my guild's postcard exchange tomorrow evening.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Row #1 and Opportunity

I finally got around to doing my row for the start of the Row Robin group I am participating in. I decided to keep it fairly simple. I love the look of scrappy quilts and thought this would be a great Opportunity to begin one of my own. I will provide the off white ( see earlier post) to be used in the background along with my row so the team members should have lots of choice as to what they'd like to add. Simple blocks, applique.........whatever they most like to do.
I don't very often do traditional blocks and there may be a good reason for and numbers, we just don't get along. The group has been asked to keep our rows somewhere in the neighbourhood of 40 - 44 inches in length. I thought that seven of these 6" blocks would be perfect, 7 x 6" = 42" right? Well yes, except that I put them on point and totally forgot that the measurement changes ( they were now actually 8" blocks) so my 7 block row ended up measuring 57" needless to say I had to do a bit of un-sewing. This is the row that will be handed off at our guild meeting next week.

The Creative Prompt project continues with this week's word, Opportunity and when it comes knocking you might want to be quick to unlock the door so I doodled this key.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Dye with Paint and Fireworks!

Sometimes white just won't do. I am signed up to be part of a row robin and I plan to do a very scrappy row with an off white background. Problem was I had purchased a nice tone on tone at a great bargain a few weeks ago........... 102" wide for only $8 a metre.........but it was white, a real stark white. I knew when I bought it that it would be getting a makeover.
So here is what I did. I began with a little Setacolour fabric paint (and I do mean a little) probably no more than a teaspoon and diluted it in roughly 12 cups of water because I wanted just a little colour.
Once I was sure the paint was completely dissolved, I added my damp (pre-washed) fabric. I moved it about to be sure it was being saturated evenly and really only left it in this solution for about 3 to 5 minutes. Using paint does not take near the time dye does.
I wrung the excess out, put that piece aside and repeated twice more.
Unlike with dyeing, with paint, your colour stays the exact same strength every time you introduce a new piece.....( with the dyeing process, your colour will get increasingly lighter)
I had cut the fabric into more manageable size pieces for ease of handling and because I wanted a piece to use now, (42"x 50") one to save for later (25"x 100") and another one measuring (42"x 50") to send along with my row for it's row robin you see, you can do some fairly large pieces.

This is the end result even after the whole works had been dried, then washed with detergent and dried again. The white on the bottom is part of the original piece I started with, the colour is permanent and will stand up to regular laundering.

The CPP prompt word #48 is Fireworks
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