Friday, July 26, 2013

Stitching, Colouring, Doodling & Cutting

Last week I showed you the start of a little piece inspired by an article I read in Quilting Arts Magazine. Some colour had been added at that point........then after lots and lots of stitching, even more colour was applied.

I decided it might be fun to incorporate this week's CPP word, #217 "Pen" I took out a black Micron pen and doodled on the piece.

I have been discussing the idea of a collaborative effort, using crows as subject matter with a friend and fellow quilter, she challenged me to do a "Crow"Flake.....I do love a challenge!

this is what it looked like before it was unfolded

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Stitch and Inktense Pencils

Have you picked up the current Quilting Arts Magazine? This issue contains an article by Terri Stegmiller that just looked like so much fun, I HAD to give it a go.

If you like the little piece that I am working on, then believe me, you will WANT to check out this article and see exactly what Terri reveals about making her whimsical "story" quilts. She talks about her article in a blog post here.........I don't want to give too much, I was just so incredibly eager to get playing that I have to admit I did skip a few steps.
I created a drawing that I thought would work....(in hindsight, maybe something simpler for my first effort would have been a wiser choice)
I basically grabbed an interesting batik, taped my drawing onto the light table and began transferring the image onto the fabric using a black Micron permanent pen.

Next I batted and backed this piece and got it ready for stitching.

This is a tremendous exercise for working on your free motion stitching control.  You see, Those lines drawn with black pen are now being stitched over with black thread.

Once I had all my lines covered with thread, I couldn't wait to begin adding colour.

While Terri's demonstration used transparent paints in her article, my Inktense pencils have been languishing in a drawer so I decided to see what sort of result I could achieve using them.

This is as far as I got last is work "in progress"   :-)

This is just a tiny start to the possibilities that Terri shares in her article.....I am looking forward to exploring this more.....much, MUCH more! Thanks for the inspiration Terri!!!!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another prompt response

What sparks your creativity?  When does inspiration strike for you? The Creative Prompt project strives to help you along, one word at a time. This week's word, #215, is "Plate"
I most often do a doodle, but as I passed by one of my vintage sewing machines, a different idea came to me.
This is the face Plate on one of my vintage Singer machines.

observing the elements in the design, I folded paper, drew the shapes, and began cutting

and this is what I got

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

On my Toes

I actually managed to do this week's Creative Prompt project response while it is still current.
 Jaye's word for us this week.......... #214 on the list,  is "Dance"

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