Sunday, November 16, 2008


You may have noticed that most of my work is not from patterns, magazines or books, although I do occasionally adapt a pattern, I prefer to do my own thing.

I don’t really know what I am doing………maybe, for me that is a good thing because since I don’t know the rules, I do not restrict myself to playing by them. I get an idea and just try it out to see what may come of it.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have time in which I can play, to discover new and interesting things while completely enjoying the creative process.

Although I have always had the encouragement of family and friends, I’d quite often wonder if they were just being kind.

While helping out at our guild’s Harvest of Quilts show, I had been approached by several people expressing an interest in my work. I was simply amazed at the wonderful comments I received.........I actually have fans! How exciting is that?

I had entered a few pieces into the show and was thrilled to learn that once the ballots were counted, my work had earned 3 Viewer’s Choice awards. What an honour as there is a tremendous amount of talent among our guild members and it was evident at the show.

In the wall hanging category, my piece titled Earthbound was chosen as the 1st place winner.

In the miniature category, Glen Etive was voted as the 1st place winner

with Viking’s Bane earning 2nd place.

I hope to continue to play,share my discoveries and maybe even inspire.

Check out those one of a kind ribbons....Very cool!

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Uniquely Yours Creations said...

Hi Quilt Rat, I found your blog
on Just Us Quilters and have been
enjoying reading it! You have such
great ideas - Thanks! I would like
to ask you about your quilt - Glen Etive - I'm fascinated with the rocks, are they real, glued on? or
did you print them?
Also love your free motion quilting
something that I have been practicing
more of lately.

Copyright Jill Buckley