Thursday, November 12, 2009

Test results ( I am not impressed) and more doodles.

About a week ago, I showed you a piece of fabric that I began marking with a water soluble pen so that I could test how well those erasers designed to remove the marks without having to immerse your quilt in water, actually work.
Well, I left the marks for a week, then added a few more. Did lots of machine quilting.....stitching beside and right on top of the lines. Once I was finished, I began "erasing" the marked lines.
At first it seemed to be working really quite well, I began with the motif that is left centre. It took a lot of erasing.........this piece is only the size of a sheet of paper and it took nearly 20 minutes to remove those marks. I left it to thoroughly dry and look what re-appeared......... so I began erasing again, but in the end (after another 10 minutes of erasing) the pen seemed dry, my hands were getting very sore and I just gave up and immersed the piece in water.
I suppose for the odd line this product would be fine but I simply can not imagine the time it would take to successfully remove lines from a full size, whole cloth quilt. I was actually using 2 of the eraser pens, one of which is already 6$ a pop that could be an expensive venture. How long should they last? I certainly expected it to last longer than this small piece........maybe I got old product, but the results of this test have left me totally unimpressed.

Okay........time to doodle.

Have you been following the Creative Prompt Project? Click on Clara on my side bar to learn more about it and see what others have posted as their response to many of the prompts. Each week, Jaye at ArtQuiltmaker provides us with a word prompt.

Word #40 is wish. I decided to do a couple this Dad loved Barbara Eden in that silly T.V. show "I Dream of Jeannie" so here is my Genie's bottle and as kids, my siblings and I often spent time hunting for 4 leaf clovers, you were supposed to wish on them and they would bring you luck. .............hmmm what shall I wish for?


Clare Wassermann said...

Hmmm yes I think you need to wish for a pen that does it's job and the patience to keep on testing things!

Royce said...

Thanks so much for testing. It's too bad it didn't work out well. That sounded almost too good to be true, oh it was.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

That, unfortunately, has been my experience with all the disappearing markers. They either come back, or you have to work yourslef senseless (in my case, that's not a long trip...) to get the marks out.
I think I'll stick with the Prismacolor pencils in the very light French grey shades. Usually a T-shirt will remove the remains if it is not marked heavily.
Love the *Jeanie* bottle! Used to watch that all the time. HA! Does not at all reflect Air Force life!!! LOL!!! Wish it did.... ;)


Diane J. Evans said...

I agree -- we need to wish for a better way to mark our quilting lines! Jeannie's bottle is wonderful, and the 4-leaf clover has such dimension -- what an artist's eye you have! Thanks for running interference for the rest of us with the eraser -- I had no idea it was so much work!


Quilt Hollow said...

You are so right...if work had been done on a large white on white quilt and the blue lines kept reappearing that could be real ugly...I may have gone postal! I stopped over at Clare's blog...another wonderful artist! I also spotted another wonderful postcard of yours. Your talents are brilliant.

Jaye said...

Nadine Ruggles' podcast, Driven to Quilt, has an episode on the markers I think you mean. She has very specific instructions about using them. I am not sure how her information fits in with the eraser you tried. You might listen and see how that fits in.

I used to love the idea of Dream of Jeannie so I always used to watch the show. I really like your drawings this time. I love seeing what the word makes people think about.

connie said...

I do not know if this would work with your pens but with my blue pen when it came time to "erase" the blue lines I used a nice stiff stencil brush and a glass of water. It seemed to work just like the erase pen. I loved your quilting!

Jaye said...

Wasn't sure if you had seen this mention of your doodles here:

sewnut said...

...of course the corollary to this test is the air-erasable ink that dissapears before you manage to do the quiling, like inside of an hour!!!

Great testing JIll ans super doodles!.

Can I not go to work and stay home to exercise my artistic nature.....?

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