Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Quilts Part 1

This one is called Learning Curves...........I was just finishing the hand quilting on this piece when I attended The London Friendship Quilters' Guild Show in the fall of 2006.
It was then that I decided to join this guild. I find there is so much to learn and see at each and every meeting. Learning Curves was done in 9 sections and then the sections were joined together in the same method used for quilt as you go quilts, I wanted to learn to do top stitch curved piecing so that was what inspired the original design of the border on the back of this quilt, this was also my first hand quilted piece. I discovered that I really enjoy the hand quilting process, more importantly I learned that a quilt made entirely of Batik fabrics is a poor candidate for hand quilting. ( Although I must say I am not at all unhappy with my stitches)

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astho said...

that's look pretty goog..
Nice idea, very creative...

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