Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Quilts Part 4

Pictured here is a miniature piece called Glen Etive. This piece was done to enter into the 2008 "Wee" quilt challenge, Scotland Rocks held at McDougall Cottage.
I wanted to see if I could securely attach actual rocks ( well stones) to a quilted piece. Keep in mind that if the piece was accepted, ( this is a juried show) it would be required to hang from Easter until Labour day. I wanted to be sure that part way through the exhibit the rocks were not going to start falling off..............wouldn't that be a little embarrassing?
I used a small amount of stretchable flexible glue to hold them in place, I then put a layer of tulle over the entire piece. I began very carefully stitching by hand through all of the layers coming as close to the rocks as possible keeping the tulle as taught as I dare without tearing it. In some spots I even used a little clear nail polish on top of the tulle to help it "stick" to the rocks. Instead of batting for the inner layer I used a fairly heavy product similar to Timtex to support the weight. These "Wee" quilt challenges always involve the use of plaids and I did comply but you really need to look for most of them. There are 14 pieces of plaid scattered about.
It was an interesting piece to work on, it was accepted and to my great surprise it was awarded Viewer's Choice at the close of the show. Best of all none of the rocks fell off!
Use of the image for Glen Etive was generously granted by Douglas Ritchie, the photographer.

This is a photo of the welcoming door to McDougall Cottage. It is a stone cottage surrounded by a lovely compact garden with incredible landscapes painted on the upper walls and ceilings of it's interior.


(Megan) said...

I like the quilting in the borders of this piece. It echoes the rocks in the center of the image. Excellent job keeping those rocks secure!

Quilter Kathy said...

I loved this one too...I thought it was very creative and ingenious! Plus the quilting was awesome!

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