Thursday, October 15, 2009

Putting back colour.......with Thread

A short while back, I was testing some home made recipes as an alternative to Bubble Jet set. My first attempts did not go so well. I came across one of my (failed) test pieces and decided to try adding colour back in by thread painting.

I used a layer of stabilizer, hooped it and started stitching, adding thread colours trying to replicate the original.
I came close but in the end I just simply do not have a wide enough range of shades for each colour. Here are the threads that were used.

This picture shows what the original print looked like (top), the middle (my failed test piece) is what I began with and the bottom is the finished piece.

Once I completed thread painting the main flower I added a layer of TimTex and then tightly stitched the background which makes the flower pop, although I really don't think you can see that in this close up photo.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is great!
I actually went out and bought dryer sheets (and have them in the washer to get the smell out....hope there is something left!) to try the leaves for a commission I will be starting after the first of the year.
I like the limited color range, and the Timtex is an excellent idea, to firm it up!


Diane J. Evans said...

I think your stitched version looks better than the original! And I, too, have been saving dryer sheets, so I can try your painting method. What an inspiration you are!


Quilt Pixie said...

what a great way to play with thread painting -- a "lost peice" of fabric so anything goes in the play! :-)

Mishka said...

Still a fabulous piece even if it doesn't match the photo exactly.

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