Sunday, December 20, 2009

This Week's Doodle

The Creative Prompt Project's word #46 is Hot.
I have a collection of trivets, I guess I am drawn to them because to all of the interesting designs. These trivets were once used to rest flat or "sad" irons upon after they had been heated by fire or on a stove. I decided to design my own trivet for this week's prompt.

Sorry I have no quilting to show, as I have been spending my time lately re-organizing. After more than 30 years in this 900 square foot home it seems that every inch is filled and it was time to reclaim some space. I finally have a wall available to hang some of my quilts.

This one, Earthbound, has been rolled up and in a box since it's completion almost 2 years ago. I will hang a few more in the next couple of days and soon get my machines humming again.


Debra said...

The graphic look of the trivets is just super!

Mary-Kay said...

Your trivet is pretty neat looking. But your Earthbound quilt is gorgeous. I love it! It looks even better in this setting than previous pictures I've seen of it.

Sharon said...

I like the graphic look of all your trivets too. But your doodle is the best one!

What a pain to sort and re-organize, isn't it? But the payoff is worth the pain. Your quilt deserves to be put up and's beautiful!

Diane J. Evans said...

"Earthbound" is one of my favorites in your collection -- it deserves to be front and center, and I'm glad you found a place for it. And how clever of you to think of a trivet for the word "hot" -- that truly is thinking outside the box.


Melissa said...

I can not believe you have had Earthbound rolled up! It is my favorite of your work that I have seen! I am glad you are able to enjoy it now!

Jaye said...

My first flat was 900 square feet, well 901 to be precise, according to the City. We live in a larger house now, by no means a mansion, and I feel like every square inch is filled, so I keep tossing and tossing and donating and organizing. I think I need more organizational furniture. Re: the CPP. I didn't even think of trivets. GREAT idea!

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