Monday, July 16, 2012

Mystery Block

Many of you commented on the look of that final border on the quilt shown in my most recent post. It is a fairly simple block that really makes for an interesting border and one that would work in so many ways. I wish I could tell you where I first saw that block.....or even the name of it, but I can not. I can show you how I made it and give you measurements for different sizes you might want to make for your own quilts.

It is a pretty basic block. I will give you the example using the measurements for a finished 4" block.
Cut a print at 4.5" square, from contrast fabric, cut 2 pieces at 1.5"square and create one circle that will finish at 1 3/8" in diameter.
Mark a diagonal line from corner to corner on the wrong side of the 1.5"squares, next, place a square with the line visible, on one corner of the 4.5"piece and stitch directly on the drawn line, trim away the excess and fold up the fabric to complete one corner...repeat on the opposite side  (for a corner unit you will need to do this on 3 corners)
I positioned the circle a little bit above the center-line of the block (just be sure you do it the same for all of them or the discrepancy will be very noticeable) I made a small template from cardstock to make the placement easy and accurate
Hopefully the photos help you visualize the process.

To make a finished 6" block
begin with a 6.5"square, cut the 2 corner units at 2 1/4"  and your finished circle at 1 5/8" in diameter

For a finished 8"block
begin with a 8.5"square, cut the 2 corner units at 3"  and your finished circle at 2" in diameter

to form a row, stitch your blocks together (1/4"seam allowance, of course) and then add a strip of the same contrast fabric across the top, whatever width works for your project.
Edit:  Mystery solved! Dolores just emailed me so say that she came across the block, it is a pattern by Kim Diehl, I am told that it graces the cover of Kim's book  "Simple Traditions"
Thanks Dolores, it has been driving me nuts, I just knew I had seen it used somewhere as a border and thought it would be great for this medallion quilt.....and Thank you KIM!!!!


Dolores said...

Thanks for showing how easy it is. Did you - or do you cut away the fabric from behind your applique?

Kim said...

I just love this border treatment.
Thanks for the how to's.

Have you decided if this is the last border you'll add to this quilt, it looks so good so far.

Happy Sewing

Quilt Hollow said...

Thanks for sharing this. Almost reminds me of a bird house.
The friend who I planned to gift the kitty will be here tomorrow. I don't think we will have a chance to see each other in August (her b-day) so I plan to surprise her tomorrow. I didn't frame it. I left it for her to decide what she likes best. She's going to love it! I know I is hard to part with it but I just know it couldn't go to a better person.

landscapelady said...

thank you for the info - LOVE that quilt!

Clare Wassermann said...

I love them - they remind me of luggage labels!

Dolores said...

Pssst, I just came across the pattern. I was looking at another blog and she made a wonderful quilt using one of Kim Diehl's patterns and so while I was surfing the net and looking at her books, there it was. It was on the cover of Kim's book "Simple Traditions." Mystery solved.

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