Monday, July 23, 2012

Pin Basting

A while back, I heard about a product that allows you to use straight pins for basting your quilts, seems so much easier than using safety pins, especially when it comes to removing them as you are quilting. As is often the case, I wanted to try the product but it isn't available locally. I could buy it online but did not want to invest the money, the added costs of exchange rate and shipping often make products less attractive, especially not knowing for sure if it is a tool you will definitely want to use regularly.
SO, I decided to conduct my own experiment with what I could find easily. In the children's craft aisle at the Dollar store I found a package of foam beads.
the foam is thick enough and dense enough to hold the pins in simply insert the pin into your quilt sandwich, slip a foam shape on the end (make sure the pin is well inserted but not protruding out the other side)
 For this test, I pin basted

  and then machine basted with wash away thread, removing the foam and pins as I went along

 This actually worked quite well, the layers stayed together, no shifting, and now I can easily maneuver this piece to do the intricate stitching I have planed. (once the stitching is complete I will use a paint brush and water to dissolve the wash away thread)
Would I try this on a full size bed quilt? No, not likely, but it certainly works great for smaller pieces ( the test subject is roughly 30"square) it did save me a bit of time, no sore fingers and by doing it this way I can move the quilt through the machine much more pins or long thread basting to get caught up on.


B J Elder said...

I'm glad to hear that you did this. I had seen using the pins in a similar way but not a report of how it worked. Sounds like a trip to the dollar store needs to happen.

Maggi said...

Great tip. Thanks for sharing.

M-R Charbonneau said...

I saw that product too and thought the exact same thing! Thanks for doing this experiment -- I'm going to be checking out my dollar store.

upnitestx said...

At home depot/hardware type stores there is a foam non stick weather stripping for windows that you can just cut in little discs. Works the same but not as colorful.

landscapelady said...

Genius! I want to try this, I use straight pins and am always pricking myself.

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