Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Slow Stitching

Just look at this cover......doesn't that make you WANT to get inside  and explore what lies within?

In a nutshell...The Hand Stitched Surface Slow Stitching and Mixed-Media Techniques for Fabric and Paper by Lynn Krawczyk is all about stitching, stitching by hand, with a variety of threads on a variety of surfaces.
If you are looking for pre-planned designs, florals or wildlife....this is not the book for you. This book is all about having fun with your stitching....about thinking differently, being free and creative, its not about serious, perfect stitches, it is about releasing your creative, quirky, playful side.

You will begin with great info on the basic tools you need, the needles, their differences, types of threads, fabrics, paper (yes paper) and card that work well to get the best results with your projects. 
In addition to clear instructions for many are shown ways to further use each basic stitch to create even more interest with them, and what can be acquired by combining them.

Lynn provides examples exploring colour/ colour combinations and its impact in stitched compositions.

The book contains beautifully photographed instruction and templates for all 15 projects. (8 fabric, 7 paper) .......some I found VERY interesting and others.....hmmm, not so much, but I am aware that not everything appeals to everyone.

Note : The full sized templates can be scanned from the book or downloaded for printing.

You will also be guided through a few Mixed-media techniques, like glue resist/ dyeing, stamp carving/stamping, and making a paper stencil help you add more even interest to the surfaces you'll stitch. 

The projects involve improvisational stitching....basically, once you have followed the instructions to get the base of your project ready (what you will actually stitch through) you will make the decisions as to what stitches or combinations you want to's kind of doodling with make it up as you go along.  you can find at Quarto  or Amazon

Those who know me, know that I am a bit of a perfectionist, I must have order.....improvisational, free form or wonky anything is tough for me, so I decided to test myself a little and try something from the book. This project is way out of my comfort zone but as I work along I am finding it quite interesting.....I started with this composition 

began some stitching and continued to make slight changes.

I have to is becoming a little addictive.....playing with shape, colour and stitch
Currently still a work in progress...... What will it be and where it will end????? stay tuned LOL! 


Robbie said...

Very good and honest review! Your piece is quite interesting...I do enjoy watching Lynn's work on her blog and Facebook. She is having an event on FB Sunday so that should be interesting. I plan on 'attending/watching'!

Vicky aka Stichr said...

yes! i really like that. i will explore more.

Nancy said...

Looks like an appealing book. And I like the piece you're working on.

Glenda said...

As always, I love your color choices. I can see how handwork would be wonderfully addictive. Beautiful beginning!

Diane J. Evans said...

Good for you! It's so difficult to leave our comfort zones, but you always seem to do it beautifully.


Createology said...

This book sounds really interesting and I am so glad you not only reviewed it but I love your actual trial piece. I LOVE it as you are designing and stitching on the fly. Random is always difficult for me since I learned order and proper so many decades ago. "Sloppy Stitching" aka thread painting is just not something I can do! This looks just right for trying. Thank You Jill...<3

Mrs. D said...

Hello Jill,

Thanks for your great post about Slow Stitching. Love, love your project . . . its exciting to see the colors develop and all the bits and pieces you added, photo after photo each one more tantalizing than the last. I confess I'm dieting and it looks like something I'd like to eat. I appreciate your posts, as you are ever on the move, always inspiring us. Wow--I can't hardly wait to get a copy of the book and do some exploring too. -Mrs. D from Wisconsin

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