Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Big Bee Progress

Its almost time for the Canadian Quilters Association's annual conference and the Big Quilt Bee. I talked about this initiative in an earlier post. Quilters across Canada (and beyond) have really stepped up to make this happen. (in case you did not know...the goal is to make and donate 1,000 quilts for kids at Ronald MacDonald house)
The Big Quilt Bee will be held June 14-17, 2017 at Quilt Canada 2017 in Toronto, ON., there will be sewing machines, long arms, mid arms and an LOTS of volunteers ready to work on the quilt tops and blocks sent in by hundreds of Canadian quilters and judging by the number of finished quilts already received, it does appear that goal is sure to be achieved. You may have seen the graphics popping up on social media over the past few months.
I had the distinct pleasure of creating the "hive" being used as the count down (count "up")

I was initially asked for a thermometer type graphic to show the progress as the count of finished quilts climbed....since it is the Big Quilt Bee, this is what I came up with......this little black and white doodle.
Then colour and numbers were added to allow the graphic to change as the numbers go up (all done digitally on my iPad using Concepts app)

The most recent count has reached 800
What will the final count Bee?


Glenda said...

I love your version of a bar graph. Very fun! And a beautiful drawing...so balanced and graceful.

Robbie said...

How unique, clever and just down right COOL!!! Love it!!!

quiltedfabricart said...

What a great idea! Both your doodle and even more the whole idea of a huge donation quilt bee. You Canadians are the best! I have often wished I live in Canada ( even more since our recent election)

Createology said...

Your Bee Hive is much more clever for the huge Quilt Bee. Lovely Doodle design. Congratulations. I believe you all are well on your way to exceeding your goal for the Ronald McDonald House. Blessings...<3

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