Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wicked Cool!!!

I received a fabulous surprise in my mailbox this week from Mary over at Quilt Hollow. I had not won a giveaway or anything, she sent this to me "just because" .........isn't that the BEST!!
The whimsical print even has a poem and some real cute little ratties on it.....Fantastic!Well, I gotta tell you that this little bag has the most cool closure I have ever seen. This is a "Snap Happy" pattern from Stitchin' Sisters, go check them out.
Have you seen these before? The secret is that a metal measuring tape is used to make the bag "snap"closed........I think this is absolutely brilliant!!!!!

I LOVE this so much, I had to make one for a friend..... I am sure I'll make plenty more of them.
I don't actually have the pattern but my years working in the garment industry has left me with some fairly good pattern making skills.I made a slightly larger one using coffee themed prints......I included a little pocket inside that is just the right size to hold one of those prepaid coffee cards. I think these make great "just because" gifts.

Thanks again Mary...........I always say.........Quilt bloggers ARE the best!

I just found out that the patterns for these bags are available at The Marsh Store (one of my personal favourite spots) so if you are in this area, why not drop by and pick one (or more) up.........make one for yourself and a few to have ready for friends and family.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy! You deserve the treat!!

Needled Mom said...

Soooo cute. Mary is one special gal.

Jackie said...

That is great... any chance you are heading to the Creative festival in TO this weekend? I am going and meeting up with some CQA members i have only 'met online'... so excited...

Joan said...

They both look lovely - Arent you the lucky one !! :)

Clare Wassermann said...

wonderful - I am terrible at making useful things - maybe you could reproduce your pattern for us dunces!!

Diane J. Evans said...

Love the little rats on the fabric -- the little kitties aren't catching them, are they????

You find the neatest patterns -- these bags WOULD make great gifts, especially stocking stuffers, yes??


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