Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Clever idea!!!!

First of all, let me make it perfectly clear that this was NOT my idea, but I thought it was something I just had to share. I have been lucky enough to be part of a wonderful, fun group of ladies who have formed a small sewing group that meets once a month, we all pretty much work on whatever projects we have on the go, share ideas and socialize. Best of all, there are no phones ringing, no chores and NO interruptions.
Yesterday, Cindy shared this clever idea.......have you seen these packages of ponytail holders at the dollar store.......they are tiny, soft, stretchy fabric rings and you get a LOT in a package. Don't have a ponytail? ........oh but you do have bobbins don't you? Lots of bobbins? and when you go to classes and workshops or just even as those bobbins sit in the drawer, do you find the threads unwinding and making a tangled mess? .......well Cindy showed us how those ponytail holders solve that problem. Those little fabric rings fit perfectly on your bobbins whether they are full or not, keeping everything neat and in place
I think this is brilliant! I found packages of black and white but they also come in a great array of colours so you could even colour code your bobbins, you know, one colour for your cottons, one for your rayons and one for.........well you get the idea. They even work great on those little spools that also seem to want to unravel.


Kim said...

Oh yes, why didn't I think of that!
Great idea. I have two machines set up all the time too so I could color coordinate my machines to tell them apart :0).

thanks for passing along this super tip.

Happy sewing and Merry Christmas

Mary Ann said...

Very good idea:)

Heike R. said...

lg heike

Dolores said...

Great idea. I need them for the spools. The bobbins have a home where they sit neatly and don't get undone.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Those little spools you have in the picture actually have a little thread grabber slot on the bottom (sometimes the top too) that you run the end of the thread thru and it holds it. But those do help if you have a spool that doesn't have something.

Anonymous said...

Indeed a great idea...I use it!

Sherri D said...

I will never forgive you for showing this tip. Why? Because sometime during the last 30 days I put a whole new package in a box for a rummage sale or for donation. I don't know which and I can't find where I did put them. :P
You will have to start clearing all your postings with me first! lol

Crooked Gulley Art Quilts - Mary Couch said...

Well, this is just a totally cool idea that needs to be put in place
Christmas hugs from Mary

Joan said...

What a fantastic idea - I will need to thinhk on that one and see what I can find.

Robbie said...

Who knew! Thanks for sharing!

Maggie R said...

Love the idea

Sherri D said...

I found mine in the rummage sale box and mine are all colors of the rainbow! hehehehehehe

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