Tuesday, August 28, 2012


That's right, I can add "centerfold" to my list of accomplishments.......no need to cover your eyes, its not me, just my design  :-)

The Autumn issue of the Canadian Quilter is out, and for this one, I submitted a design/pattern for those who would like to try a bit of thread painting. My design allows the maker to really take full advantage of beautiful print fabrics and then, to simply enhance them with thread.

Marsha, the Editor, has once again, done an outstanding job! Don't forget, there is also a spot on the CQA web site (members only section) where members can access the PDF version of the pattern to send straight to their printers as well as an area to upload photos of their finished projects. In addition, there is now a CQA blog...even more ways for Canadian quilters to connect


Bunny said...

Another beautiful piece of work. I have some Procion dyes and some other dyes. I won and will never use if you would like them just email me and I can get them to you. Bunny

Unknown said...

What a beautiful centrefold - you should be proud for the best reasons

Robbie said...

Congrats, Jan! I'm blushing for you!!!

Denise :) said...

Gorgeous! Just absolutely gorgeous!!!! :)

Jackie said...

You totally rock Jill=) Thanks for the shout out!

Quilter Kathy said...

Congratulations you pin up girl! LOL
I loved your design and was delighted to see you in the magazine!

Unknown said...

Прекрасная работа!

landscapelady said...

how awesome is that! It's nice to be recognized as the quilt / surface designer dynamo that you are. I love the design and want to try it (after I finish the other 10 projects on my list)

Terri Stegmiller said...

Congrats on the centerfold! It's a lovely pattern.

Kim said...

I wish!
I need to sit and practice to get better at this technique.
Honestly, you do make it all look easy but I know you are a lot more talented than I am :0).
Lovely piece Miss Centerfold :0)

Happy Sewing

Diane J. Evans said...

You Canadians have all the fun -- this is a beautiful design, Jill. And you didn't even have to don a bikini to make it to the centerfold (besides, you wouldn't want a staple in your mid-section . . .).


Marianne Bos said...

Congratulations on making the magazine.

I was in the last issue and it felt a bit weird really.

Createology said...

Congratulations on your centerfold. This is a lovely pumpkin. You are such an inspiration.

Maggie R said...

I don't get that magazine anymore but will definitely look it up in our guild library. I LOVE to thread paint!:)

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