Monday, January 13, 2014

More Dye Experiments

I am becoming a little obsessed with dyeing threads, it is so easy and yet so rewarding. A few of you have asked if I will post a tutorial....yes, I will do a post showing the supplies and process I use... Please note that there are currently lots and lots of great tutorials to be found online.  I hope to put one together in the very near future, showing how I go about it.

This latest batch consists of 6 strand embroidery floss, some strange cotton skeins that I found, along with some lovely #20 mercerized cotton (it is the finest I have found so far)

Here is a look at where I placed the colour on this skein of 6 strand embroidery floss (it started out white)

here is another skein....before it was wrapped and after...this is that #20 cotton

here you can see the whole batch. I wanted to see what would happen with dye that had been mixed (water only) not activated, but sitting for a week......I was very happy to see that it still worked brilliantly. I also used some plain old Rit worked well too. Some of these skeins started out white, some off-white, and others were already a soft colour of some sort that I simply "punched" up


Kim said...

What great colors! These threads will look fabulous in any project!

Happy Sewing

What Comes Next? said...

beautiful! Love the sheen on some of those skeins

Renate said...

Those are lovely colours. I could use those in some Kantha stitching.

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