Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Last article for CQA

In May of 2011, I eagerly took on the role of "Artist in Residence" for the Canadian Quilters' Association. I has been a terrific experience, but, as the saying goes.....all good things must come to an end. I have decided to move on.

Rather than another pattern/project or design, I wanted to have my last article reflect what I thought my role truly was....to encourage and perhaps inspire others to experiment, play, create, learn and most importantly, enjoy the process.

The Spring issue containing my final article is out. In it, I talk about building one's own "technique" library. I began by drawing simple outline of a feather, gave examples of how one might modify it to meet the needs of the technique they plan to use and then showed examples of ways that one simple image could be used in many, many different ways

simple outline
modified for applique

modified for stencil and several other techniques

Here is a look of some of what I created using that one image (each technique used, is listed below the photo

 discharge paste & a stencil

hand applique

liberated style piecing

stencil & dye sticks

white batting on top of cotton, layered under tulle and stitched

raw edge fused applique

outline stitched with black thread, paint added to create the colour


sunprinted and trapunto

wool applique

dryer sheet cut and fused with stitching for detail

by doing this exercise, I now have a reference, I have notes about what I liked, disliked or might want to do differently next time. It gave me the opportunity to play with a variety of quilting ideas and the next time I have the impulse to try something new....I can just grab my feather image and get to work.


Clare Wassermann said...

Whilst us lazy lot can just refer to your examples teehee!

Clare Wassermann said...

Whilst us lazy lot can just refer to your examples teehee!

The Inside Stori said...

Awesome and inspiring as usual!

Brenda said...

wow! that's quite an impressive collection of inspiration. will you miss you writing/art gig?

Robbie said...

What (another!) great idea/tip!!! You certainly have inspired so many of us who just read your blog!! Thanks so much for all of it!!!! Now to think about this post!!!

Hilary Florence said...

A lovely set of theme and variations. I think the discharge is my favorite, but it is a close call. I also like the way you have tried out different fmq with each of them. It is great to have a reference library that not only records ideas but also looks good - that is why I started my 101 fmq cameos. It may be just different labels for different countries, but I have never heard of dye sticks or dryer sheets before. Can you tell me what they are? (if it is not too complicated!)
Hilary Florence

quilted fabric art said...

Another great informative post! I'm keeping this one for future reference. Amazing how much different looks from each method. Thank you for sharing this. The dryer sheet one intrigues me. I'll have to try that . You just fused it, like any fabric? Wheels are spinning in my brain right now :-)

Quilt Rat said...

Yes..the dryer sheets can be used like fabric, I keep my used ones, they also take paint and dye extremely well. Just be sure to use a press cloth or parchment paper when using a hot iron

Anonymous said...

Fabulous...I like them all.

Diane J. Evans said...

You are the epitome of great instruction -- you give us the tools to bring out the individual artist within each of us. Bravo, A.I.R.!!


Createology said...

I am not Canadian nor do I read your publication...however I am so grateful for your blog and all that you so generously share. I am awed and inspired by your skills and talents. Thank you so very much! Creative Bliss...

Jaye said...

This is an unbelievably fabulous post. What a great idea and wonderful execution. I like it as a way of getting out of a rut, too. Thanks!

docwhitfordcdn said...

As I was looking at the individual leaf examples I thought how great it would be to stitch them all together in a linear wall hanging...I have just the spot :-). Great learning opportunity to do this series. Doing is really the best way to learn.

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