Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Technology and creativity

My regular readers know that I love to doodle, and if you have been visiting here lately you also know that I have begun using technology more and more in my creative process.  I recently realized that since I discovered digital drawing on my iPad mini (specifically using an app called "Concepts"), I have not touched paper.

Because I doodle a lot, I always have a good selection of my own original artwork to play with when an idea pops into my head. This week I wanted to see if I could use my new found digital drawing skills to design some stencils.

on my iPad mini, within the Concepts app, I altered one of my doodles to make it usable for a stencil.
this is what it looked like on screen.

I sent it to my PC, inverted the image and printed it in black and white. Next, I traced it onto freezer paper and cut it out

in this exercise I was using discharge paste....the trouble is that when you are using this stuff, you never know for sure what the end result will be.

The stencil worked great......here is the paste, applied and waiting to dry

once dry, it was heat/steam activated with an iron

after rinsing out.....this is what I got (....btw....his wing span is 15")

So.....for a one time shot at a print, this worked okay......but what if I want to do several? what if I want a specific colour?.....guess who is bringing out her screen printing supplies. More on that in my next post.


Glenda said...

How fascinating!!! That is a mammoth moth! Would be beautiful centered on all kinds of projects: pillows, robes....

The Inside Stori said...

In a word - AWESOME!!!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...


Jean S said...

Jill, are you still using your Pencil by Paper 53 stylus? If not can you recommend another? I've been so entranced by your drawing that I thought I would look for a better stylus than the one I've been using. Also, what printer are you using to be able to print 15 inches? Wonderful work as always. Love the stencil idea.

Vicky aka Stichr said...

And the last shot is when I would use embroidery thread.!

Robbie said...

And you got that lovely shade of rose/purple discharging! How cool!! BTW...I did a blog review on your book and is scheduled for Thursday! Love the book..so may ideas!!!

Diane J. Evans said...

How spectacular! This would quilt up really great, with some doodles added, too. What a great idea!

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