Monday, November 7, 2016


I have been intrigued by some short videos floating about in cyberspace showing a very interesting app that allows one to draw wonderful symmetries. I found it in the app store (currently only available for ios devices)  It is called "Amaziograph"  While it likely would not be considered a serious drawing program, it sure is a FUN way to play with design ideas......maybe just a wee bit TOO much fun.

I downloaded it late last week and I must say, I found it to be pretty user is a look at a few of my drawings, keeping in mind, with this app, I need only draw one portion of the design, the app repeats each stroke for me as I go along.  Guess I can put away my mirrors that I have used for so long to create symmetrical design.

these are just examples where I am creating Kaleidoscopic type images, this app allows you to do so much more.

I found lots of videos showing the app in use... but not much in the way of a basic tutorial showing what to expect....the tools, options, how to make copies, save, export and all that sort of made one.  I have only touched on the basics to get one started, there is much more to explore....and yes...for those who love to play with colour, you can pull up a pallet, mix colours, add colour with varying degrees of opacity, and well....if you have an iPad and like to experiment with just may want to give this a look. But don't say I did not warn is addictive!

here is a link to the video tutorial I is not slick, but it will certainly help get you started if you are unfamiliar with this sort of program


Caryl @ cinnamon holiday workshop said...

Thank you so much for sharing....this is awesome!

Sheila said...

i have been fascinated by what i have seen around the net on this. Thank you for explaining. Now to decide if i have enough time to play with it... maybe a reward once i have completed some projects

Robbie said...

WOW...VERY clear instructions!!! You did great! I have a Android smart phone...don't thik the app is for that platform....thanks so much!!

The Inside Stori said...

Thank you for passing along your discovery…’s always so inspiring to see what you are working on.

Createology said...

YOU are the amazing part of drawing! Great tutorial you have created and shared. Thank you for always inspiring us.

Jaye said...

Thanks for sharing. You may convince me to buy a new iPad!

Royce said...

Oh my that is very cool. Id seen it used on Instagram but hadn't looked into it.

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