Thursday, February 8, 2018

Plain fabric doesn't have to be plain.

A few posts back I showed you a test piece I did where I created surface design by “removing” colour from a knit jersey fabric. Today you will see the same design...but this time, I created it using a DIY stencil, Jacquard textile paint and a sponge.

A friend showed me the work of Natalie Chanin of Alabama Chanin so you know this piece was somewhat inspired by her work but I am not planning to handstitch my garments together. I love hand stitched embellishments, don’t mind taking time to cut stencils and enjoy playing with surface design, but I am not really interested in handstitching all my seams. I recently ordered her book and am looking forward to seeing what her methods are and how I might want to adapt some of them for use in my own garments.

Now, for the most part the Alabama Studio way to apply paint to fabric is with an this point in time, I do not have one and it seems like a lot of trouble to keep clean and so on. For now, I am using a pretty basic technique by dabbing the paint onto the fabric using a small sea sponge.

I lightly marked my fabric to know where the edges of my pattern pieces would lie and stenciled within that area. To keep the fabric stable, I pinned it in place onto a piece of foam core which also gave me a slight "cushion".

Once the paint was dry, it was then heat set with a dry iron.

to add more interest, I began doing a simple running stitch with 12wt variegated cotton thread around the outer edge of each motif.

Next I cut out all of the pieces of my garment. 

and assembled the tunic. (I own sewing machines and I know how to use them LOL!)

I created the cord using this vintage korking set

looks like someone named Jason owned this before me :-)

This is actually quite an interesting way to enhance a dull, boring fabric.

I have a number of ideas floating about in my head for future projects.


Robbie said...

Once again you impress us with your work and workmanship! How cool this tunic turned out!!!

susan hemann said...

that is awesome! such talent, love Alabama Chanin, read all their books, but I like your way, did you use fabric paint?

Glenda said...

Oh Wow! It looks SO much like reverse applique at a glance. I especially love the stitching around the stenciled design. So lovely. That cord was a fantastic idea.

LJ said...

I just had to smile when I saw the korking set. It was all the rage when I was a kid but we made our own using a wooden spool and 4 small nails nailed on the end; the tail of the yarn went through the hole and the 'finished' cord came out there, too. I'd almost forgotten about that sweet memory; thanks.

Diane J. Evans said...

Wow!!! And WOW!!! You never cease to amaze, Jill. This shirt is luxurious and simply stunning. Have hubby take you to dinner and wear it proudly.

(BTW, I feel kind of badly for Jason, because the translation of the French on the package says "for little girls," as you probably know . . .)


Karen Martin said...

What type of paint did you use? Any type of fabric paint?

Love this idea!

Createology said...

You have created a unique and custom garment with your skills of stenciling, painting and sewing. How sweet to use the “Jason” knitting spool for your cord. Brilliant Dear...<3

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