Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The 100 Day Project

Have you heard of The 100 Day Project? it is an initiative where you commit to doing something, anything, everyday for 100 days. What that might be is up to you, you choose, I decided to jump in and see if I can actually keep up....... 3 weeks in and so far so good.

What am I doing for my 100 day challenge? I am drawing (digitally on my iPad) every day and posting on Instagram. In most cases I can complete a drawing each day, in others, where the drawing I am working on requires more time than I can dedicate, I am posting progress shots.
as an example, this chickadee.....the entire drawing is made up of dots and took several days to complete

I am playing with some graphic black and white ideas

and trying to work with colour more

When I began, I did not start out with the thought of using my toy sewing machines for inspiration.....but trying to draw every day means not spending a lot of time "thinking" of what I want to draw. I have lots of these little machines, in lots of colours and shapes, so it just kind of happened.   :-)

Interested in what else I have been drawing?
You can find me on Instagram Jill Buckley @Quiltrat


Glenda said...

Jill, your chickadee would be so amazing recreated with buttons where you have the circles. Mother of pearl buttons and black mat or shiny.....Fun to see what you have drawn.

Robbie said...

How neat! Sure makes you aware of how much time we can waste doing other things instead of art work! Good for you! Your drawings are fab!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Such a pretty bird.

Createology said...

100 days is quite the commitment. Your drawings are amazing. Love the birdie and your toy sewing machines. Your dedication is inspiring...<3

Robbie said...

Not seeing any posts from you in a LONG time!!! Are you ok or just off being creative???

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