Monday, December 5, 2011

Winners, Progress and Prompts

The great folks at LAPEL stick told me I could pick 2 winners who will each receive one to keep for themselves or give as a gift, the randomly chosen winners are Just Pam and Royce.....emails from me are on the way ladies. Hope you love this product as much as I do.
All of the flowers, leaves, buds and vines for the borders are prepared, in place, and ready for the hand stitching to begin. ( a couple of pieces can't be put on until after all the seams are stitched) but I love that with this method, I can see exactly what the finished border will look like
I thought it was time for a couple more papercut snowflakes in response to The Creative Prompt Project. #133 is Green..........since I am in applique mode and doing it in a "scrappy"fashion, I did notice that choosing colours for the flowers can take a while, but leaves and vines are easy......greens, of course! So this snowflake is made up of leaves and vines
CPP # 132 was this snowflake, you will find ocean waves, sea horses, turtles and of course plenty of fish.


Maggie R said...

Are you telling me you have all these pieces glued down with lapel stick?????
Will they stay until you have sewn them all ???
I'm intrigued!

Periwinkle Pumpkin said...

You are amazing. It's your fault that I am now a Zentangling mad person and now this. I think I will stick with the drawings. Your snowflakes are nothing short of wonderous. Love reading your blog, you keep me constantly inspired.

Kim said...

Honestly, your paper cuttings are just delightful.......I could look at them all day long.

Happy sewing

Robbie said...

Congrats Pam and Royce! Also, Jill your piece is beautiful!!

JustPam said...

Thank you! I can't wait to try this product.

Sherri D said...

This'll teach me to not check your blog more often! I totally missed your give-a-way...I think!
Anyway, I love how you're finishing up your center block! I am so far behind on the monthly blocks, but I still plug away at it almost every night.
I refuse to look at the paper cutouts. I might go blind! lol

M-R said...

Your snowflakes are simply stunning Jill!

Joan said...

Wonderful work on the applique quilt JIll. I still dont understand how you get those snow flakes so exact - they are amazing. Congrats to Pam and Royce.

Diane J. Evans said...

These snowflakes are truly wondrous, Jill -- each one is a quilt inspiration. I'm always eager to see what's going to come out of your scissors next . . .


Royce said...

Can't wait to try the lapel stick -
OK those snowflakes are to die for how in the world do you plan that all out - amazing!
What wonderful applique those would make, but of course I'd be nuts by the time I got it done if not before.

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