Monday, October 29, 2012 like free? Right?

Now that I have your attention....let me explain how you can get some free eyewear. Yup.....I said FREE!

I am not one to go to the mall.....I am really not much of a “shopper”. Now, shopping on-line? well that is a whole different matter.........On-line shopping is such a convenient way to access goods and services and it appears you can purchase just about anything this way. I had no idea that you could get prescription glasses through an on-line source until I was contacted by Firmoo. I was asked if I would like a free pair of glasses in exchange for an honest review of their product and service....well who doesn't like something for free? Want to know how you too, can receive your first pair for free? You will want to check out Firmoo's First pair FREE for new customers program

Let me share with you, my experience, I went to the site and looked around, it was actually quite fun to “try”on the many pairs of frames available. It was super easy to set up an account, just an email address and password is needed, then you can upload a photo of yourself so you can see how the frames will look on you. The way the site works is that you choose your frames, put in your prescription information and then from a menu, choose the additional options such as lens thickness, coatings, etc You are basically able to customize your glasses and order exactly what you want, all of the prices are right there for you to see. No “hidden”costs. The site set up is extremely user friendly and walks you through every step. Have questions? the FAQ page should hold most of the answers. There is lots of information available to ensure you are able to order the correct size for your needs.

Once I had provided the necessary information, I was told by customer service that my order would be processed and that an email would arrive to confirm the shipping date. My eyewear was ready in just a few days, I received an email telling me that my order had been shipped and sure enough it arrived in just under a week.
So...from a few clicks of the a knock at the door and my glasses arrived, well packed along with a few accessories.

I ordered my new glasses to use specifically at my computer. I wear progressives most of the time but they drive me crazy when I am at the computer as I would have to hold my head at just the right angle, well no new glasses put an end to that annoying problem.

I am very pleased with my experience at, I plan to go back to see about ordering another pair, but with progressive lenses.....I have been checking them out and the cost is a fraction of what I have paid in the past at those well dressed eye wear stores.....why pay for the fancy lighting and decor?....I just want glasses that fit well and allow me to see properly.

My new glasses are terrific! hey and I think they look pretty great too!

yeah......this is knew I wasn't really a Rat.....didn't you   :-)


B J Elder said...

Wow! Sounds great. Thanks for the info, I'm off to check them out. By the way, you look GREAT!

Clare Wassermann said...

I think those glasses are wonderful and it's nice to know you're not a rat after all. You have to be careful with progressive lenses because they need to be fitted correctly so that your eye is looking through the right portion of the lens. I presume progressive is the word for very varifocals here in the UK. That is that the lens changes from a distance lens at the top to a reading in the bottom gradually. If they are not made to measure you can get in an awful mess with them. Just saying! X

JustPam said...

I like your glasses. I work at the computer all day and had been using reading glasses. I just got a strange set of bifocals to use. The top part is the mid range and the bottom is a reader. These are so much better for my neck! I was wondering what you got for the computer? I have not been able to use progressives. My eyes won't work with them. I have some trifocals, so I may give progressives a try in the future.

Kim said...

Oh Wow, can you believe I just got my eyes check and have been dreading shopping for new glasses??This sounds easy :0). My problem is once I try on the frames to see if I like them.....I can't see how they look!

this sounds like a winner.

Thanks so much :0)
I knew you were a pretty lady not a rat :0)

Happy Sewing

Joan said...

Glasses look great - Do they suppy free to the Land of OZ I wonder....of COURSE we knew you were not a rat!! didnt even think of that ♥

landscapelady said...

thanks for the info, I am going to check it out. I have been getting my glasses online cheap from Zenni optical for awhile and would definately like a free pair, maybe I will change to them.

(you look great)

Denise :) said...

Hahaha!! I loved your last line -- yes, I did know you weren't really a rat -- great photos and your new glasses are really nice!! :)

Mary-Kay said...

The glasses look great! And free on top of that too. Is this a company in Canada or the US? If it's in the US, where there any other shipping costs like duty/taxes?

Robbie said...

Your glasses do look great on you! And you are adorable!! Very pretty! Talented and pretty!! Should have known!! Thanks for sharing. My dog 'ate/chewed' my glasses and it still cost me $325 just for new lenses!!! UGH...

Diane J. Evans said...

These glasses suit you perfectly, Jill -- stylish, modern, attractive, and practical, of course. Leave it to you to find such a great value. Let us know how you like them.


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