Monday, October 1, 2012

Printing on Fabric ......continued

 Note*  if you are looking for information on printing fabric with an inkjet printer and or, a homemade Bubble Jet Set solution......please click on the "Tutorials" tab above

Once you have printed on fabric using your inkjet printer the pieces will need to be rinsed.  I left my printed pieces overnight before rinsing. I use a little bit of Retayne in my rinse water to help set the ink. Here is a look at a piece in the rinse bath......I wanted you to see that there is no ink floating about. 

For the photos that I printed in sections I wanted to be certain there would be no distortion, so I sewed them back together before rinsing

Here you see that hockey player image immersed in the rinse bath. That cloudiness you are seeing, is the soda ash dissolving.

I added some borders, note that after rinsing the colours have remained strong.

this small quilt is about 20 inches square, so it is a great candidate for pin basting with those little foam bits I talked about here

Some of you may recognize this image. Occasionally, I agree to do a presentation/trunk show and am not always able to do a slide show, I was looking for a way to show some pieces that I no longer own. I know it not the same as the "real" thing......but viewers will be able to get a sense of the original design.

I have printed a few different images so that I can make quick "replicas"


Anonymous said...

Do you have to get special fabric at the store to print on? How do you get it thru your printer?

Quiltsmiles said...

Thanks for the great info on postering a photo to print on fabric.
I have been trying to print it out by highlighting these 2 posts then print it. I have a photo from vacationin Bar Harbour that I'd love to do this technique with and want to do this technique and I can not print out your instructions so I can follow them at another time.
Do you this feature blocked on your site because of your other artwork? Your tips are always appreciated and love all the creativity. Jane

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