Monday, July 27, 2009

Almost Caught up.

Ever since I was contacted by Linda M Poole and told about the Creative Prompts Project at Jaye's ArtQuiltmaker blog, I have been doodling away trying to get caught up. I am pleased to say that I have now all but one finished. I also finally figured out how to get Clara the Cow to live on my sidebar, click on her to learn more, see what others are doing or catch the doodling bug just like I have.
For the prompt Beginning I did an egg

For Excitement I doodled an exclamation mark

Kindness is represented by a heart that contains
the words "lending a helping hand"

Air?............. how about the way a dandelion's seed float
through the air even on days with little or no breeze.

It was when Linda came across this postcard I was showing, that she invited me to join their group.But since the postcard
had been done before I learned of these prompts I wanted to do something a little different so here is a Spring

For Bubbles I could not resist playing with a Lava Lamp,
Okay, I know that those are really wax blobs in there but
they still kinda look like bubbles to me when I was a kid.

The last and most recent one I have to show is for the word
Look, I chose to draw a magnifying glass................
click on it if you want a closer look :-)

Something I have just this moment realized is that I have not signed any of you sign all of your work? I make labels for my quilts but I almost never sign anything I try to draw or sketch. Do you really need to sign a doodle???


ooglebloops said...

These are GORGEOUS!!! Yes, definitely always sign a doodle. I sign all my zentangles. Yours are art - and artists always sign their work !!:>)

Diane J. Evans said...

My gosh, I love your doodles -- they're giving me such inspiration to open up my right brain and become more spontaneous myself. I've been playing with them each night before I go to sleep -- thank you for sharing your imagination with all of us!


Clare Wassermann said...

they are wonderful doodles - oh no now I have even more things to cram in!!! xxx

Sharon said...

I'm really enjoying your doodles. They're so creative and I love your line work. Yes, you should sign them! Ooglebloops has it right!

Sherri said...

Such a trip to look at your drawings. I really like them too! I don't sign mine, just date them. But mine are all in a sketchbook. If they were loose papers, I would sign them.
You never know when you might be famous! lol

Unknown said...

I generally sign art work that is “finished,” whatever that means at the moment. However, there’s nothing wrong with signing sketches, esp. when they‘re going out onto the ‘net. I would categorize these as beyond doodles, really. They could be designs for so many things... bead embroidery, quilting, fabric patterns, etc.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo envious of your doodles!

Molly Mandeville Fryer said...

You have a much deserved award. Visit my blog, girlfriend!

Jaye said...

QR: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your prompt responses. The Lava Lamp is perfect. I adore the way people interpret the words differently.

Thank you also for the award. You are very kind!

Jaye said...

PS I always sign my work - at least date it whether it is in a sketch book or not. For these prompt responses I put my initials, the date and the prompt word. I didn't really see the value until I was flipping through my prompt response sketchbook. Some drawings were no longer clear to me which word they responded to, so having the word at the bottom was helpful.

Thanks again for participating. I hope your work will inspire others in reader community to join in.

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

I absolutely love your doodles. They really are great fun to look at.

Kathy said...

I am new to your blog---followed a rabbit trail to get here : ). What gorgeous work you do! I adore your doodles--the rendering and the wonderful sense of personality I see in them. Can't wait to see what you do next~~

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