Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Doodle and a Surprise in the Mail!

Those of you who are regular readers of this blog are well aware of my ongoing participation in the Creative Prompt Project. When I began, I never dreamed that nearly a year and a half later I would still be enjoying doing responses to each weekly word.
The latest one, is also #70 in the line up. The word is "Salmon", when I think about using canned salmon to make sandwiches, for me, it is all about the bones. It seems that there are just so many little bones that need to be removed

A little while ago Jaye at ArtQuiltmaker asked if she could use a couple of my doodles for a project she had in mind...........A project that she wanted to do for me as a gift! She asked for a few of her favourites and a few of mine so that in the end I would be surprised.
I sent her some files, but had no idea what she was up to until today when this arrived in the mail. She has made this for me as a thank you for my continued wonderful is that?

What a terrific pencil roll this is. She printed onto fabric, a couple of my doodles, used some black and white graphic fabric (which I LOVE) on the inside and a very nice home decor fabric on the outside. The question is what shall I keep in this?........ Micron pens, Paint brushes, Watercolour pencils????
Thank you so much Jaye! It is Fabulous!
Love your label by the way!


Jaye said...

Glad the pencil roll finally arrived and that you like it! I use mine for the materials I need for the CPP as I often do it when I am out of the house. I have a pencil, my black permanent pens in several tip sizes, an eraser, a highlighter, my favorite writing pen. It goes in my "Grab it and Go" bag, so I am always ready when I have a minute to draw.

Carol said...

What a lovely gift.

The fish looks great.

Sherri said...

I hate picking bones out of my salmon! lolol
Hey, you got one too! I agree that her labels are really neat! The pencil roll I got was patterned after the renfaire stuff I used to do. Jaye is such a thoughtful person for such a brat. Guess that is why we kinda sorta like her, huh? :)

Deb said...

You can eat the bones, they are very soft and very good for you. Just mash them into the salmon.
Love your doodles!

Deb said...

You can eat the bones, they are very soft and very good for you! Just mash them into the salmon.
Really enjoy all your wonderful doodles.

connie said...

I had to laugh when I saw your prompt for the week was Salmon. Take a look at my blog and you will see I have been working on Salmon for a couple of weeks. :-) Have a great weekend. It is almost here.

Anonymous said...

YOU lucky girl!! what a beautiful gift! I've been trying to think of something to carry my stuff around in??? I just usually grab my backpack, not as pretty as your carrying case!
LOve the bones!!

Anonymous said...

QR what size do you usually do your doodles? I work large on ...9x12 paper. I understand that zens were done on small 3 inch tiles. Post it note size is to scary!....Guess it from working on Kingsize stuff

Quilt Rat said...

Hi Lori, I use cheap sketch pads that are roughly 5 X 8.
The doodles do vary in size but most would fall into a 4"x4" to 4"x5" size.
I have been watching your doodle progression and I can tell you are hooked!

Robbie said...

What a great idea! and wonderful gift!!! How nice!!! And the fish "ain't bad" either!

Diane J. Evans said...

This is just too cute!!! Jaye will have to post directions for this sometime -- of course, it's the doodles on the front that make it so special.

What a thoughtful gift to acknowledge your tremendous talent and dedication to this project -- kudos to both you and Jaye!


Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

Everything is super Jill and the pencil wrap is such a nice gift from Jaye-it looks perfect for you!

Joan said...

Wonderful gift

Anonymous said...

Wonderful gift! I tell are such a talent and we are so happy to enjoy seeing it.
I'm just back in from beach and catching up here and there.

ooglebloops said...

I like that pencil roll - what a nice gift!! You should take all your prompt sketches and put them in a book and publish it!!!

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