Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lesson Learned

Last week I decided to try something I had read in the June/July issue of Quilting Arts magazine. It was an article on dyeing fabrics using ice cubes. Even though I do not have "Procion" dyes, I thought I'd give it a whirl with the dyes I did have, and see what I might end up with.
I soaked the fabric as instructed, layered fabric, ice cubes and dye powder (as instructed)

The article tells you to place this container inside another in case of overflow as the cubes melt....hmmmm, it is a "volume" thing, I was certain it wasn't going to overflow, but did as instructed and I am quite happy that I did because very soon after I placed my jar of fabric/cubes and dye into the second container I heard a loud CRACK!  that did not sound good at all but I did leave the whole works for 24 hours (as instructed)

well it did not overflow, but it did LEAK!.......This could have been an awful mess

here is the hole in bottom of the jar.......was it the warm fabric-ice cubes-glass combo?
Even though the dye ran out the bottom of the jar I still got some interesting pieces, I especially like the way the middle one turned out
Top layer
Middle layer
Bottom layer

 so.....lesson learned?  Sometimes it is good to follow the instructions   :-)


Needled Mom said...

Thank goodness you had that second container! The results are wonderful. Which issue was that technique in? I might have to try that.

Maggie R said...

Hi Jill....Well who would have thunk it!! yikes..What part of the process was hot enough for it to explode?
In the end you got some nice results..
Keep on trucking

pizzaeater said...

What issue of Quilting Arts was the article in? What type of dye did you use? I am interested in dyeing my own fabric.

Mary Ann Tate said...

Wow you got some wonderful results. I have seen it done with snow but I never thought about using ice cubes.

Kim said...

That looks amazingly simple with excellent results. Nicely done :0)

Happy Sewing

Silvia "OrkaLoca" Dell'Aere said...

simply wonderful! I've tried this with snow but haven't had such nice results. I should give ice cubes a try.
Luckily you used the second container, may be the glass one had an air microbubble that weakened it.

The middle layer has the most interesting colour combination but the bottom layer is my favourite :)

landscapelady said...

I love all three of them! Thank you for sharing your process, someday I would love to try it. The bottom one looks like you are looking thru a glacier - way cool!

Joan said...

Shame about your jar - but great results...

Quilter Kathy said...

These are great pieces! Looks like fun!

liloca, liloquinha said...

Por favor...
Mesmo usando o tradutor, não consegui entender...
Tecido umedecido com água,corantes gelo?
mas a água é quente???

annecopeland said...

I just read the comments about the jar breaking with the ice dyeing. I was wondering what the problem was. Perhaps using a plastic jar would stop that from happening? Just a thought. I know we can find large pickle jars that are plastic all the time and they seem to be pretty sturdy, but then I have not tried dyeing in a jar before. What about using a bucket to dye, or do instructions say to use only a jar. I have a lot of buckets, and I would likely use one of those, but I am a neophyte in natural dyeing. I have dyed cloth with tunas (prickly pears) and also tried the avocado dye, but the instructions I had just mentioned using the skin and didn't say anything about using the seeds. I did use small pieces, but will try it again now that I have read that. One of the frustrating things about natural dyeing is that there are a lot of different tutorials, and different folks doing each process differently. All of them seem to be getting good results, so it is very confusing and somewhat frustrating to spend the time and then not get good results. Thank you for this good site. I bookmarked it in Pinterest too. Anne Copeland

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